Monday, January 15, 2007

Wesley's pictures!

So we went and had Wesley's pictures taken professionally today. Lets just say it was a major hit to the pocket. Geesh! How could such a little guy cost so much to take a photo of?

Well, the photos wont be in until February 7th, so we bought the disk (another way they rip you off, cause they know everyone will buy it). The pictures aren't the best quality, but it will do until they come in!

This is our favorite picture! Isn't he adorable? Our little cowboy! He is suiten' up and getting ready for our move back to Las Vegas... he's ready for the heat of the desert!

Okay, okay... I know... his face is kind of like, "what the....", BUT we had to taken 7 poses in order to get our package deal, and he was so fussy, that when we took this, it was the last pose, and we said we'll take it! I still think it's cute. Again, it doesn't look great now, but the colors will come to life in the real photos.

Here is the packaged photo! The $5.88 package to be exact. It's the other mandatory poses that added up to $150+ for us! You think you are getting a great deal, I mean, come on, $5.88 for a bunch of 5x7s, 8x10s, wallets, etc, but then you see all the other poses, and they are too cute to trash, so you get them, and those cost an arm and a leg. So yes, here is the package photo. We LOVE it.

He had been crying when trying to take this photo, so we gave him a pinwheel, he smiled, and she snapped the picture. It works. Haha. We love it, his smile is genuine.

Here are little piggy is having a picnic. He told us he was eating garlic bread. Michael and I had to laugh, as it was a fake twinkie, but hey, whatever floats his boat.

Now he is a brave prince in an enchanted forest, sitting down to take a break... or he is just sitting in the Walmart Portrait Studio having his picture taken, you make the call ;-)

Gotta study those scriptures so when he goes on his mission he is on the ball! (Actually, he is looking for the Tootsie Roll we hid in the book, in order to get him to look at it, and stop crying... sneaky-ness works I tell you!)

Hope you all enjoyed our cute little man!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Time for show and tell!

Okay, the pictures are VERY out of order... but at least they are here!

Here Wesley is looking very deep in thought!

Wesley loves his Mamaw and Papaw!

Christmas Eve dinner table at Papaws.

Papaw (Lillie's Dad) and Michael.

Wesley was having way too much fun in the dogs cage with his mailbox.

Here we are on New Years Eve, well, it was after midnight, so technically New Years Day. Wesley was passed out! We managed to have a lot of fun at Wellas house. (Lillie's mom)

Wesley with his Nana! (His great grandma)

Here he is at his Aunt Kathies House. (Lillie Aunt) He was having fun playing with the doggies toys!

Papaws house... isn't it pretty?

Wesley in his jammies from his Uncle N. and Aunt A. Isn't he adorable?

We all enjoyed a meal at Inn-N-Out Burger! You can't get those in Kentucky!

Wesley was digging his grilled cheese!

And Michael LOVED his TWO burgers, fries, and a soda!

So we are all home now. We are bummed to have left Vegas, but we have a smile in our hearts, because it wont be long until we move back! Michael started school Monday. We have a year and a half, and then Vegas here we come!

Other than getting settled into being home, we haven't been up to much. Wesley and Lillie are still on Vegas time... but hopefully will get adjusted soon.

Wesely has grown so much in the past month. He is speaking so well. Everyday he says more and more, and his sentences get better and better. He is saying part of his ABC's, and he is counting to 5 all by himself. He is a bright little boy!