Monday, April 23, 2007

Good times...

Not much is new here in Kentucky. Michael is still preparing for finals. We will BOTH be glad when they are done and over with! It will be even nice when this time next year he will be getting ready to graduate.

These past couple of weeks Wesley's Aunt Sabrina (my sister in-law of course) has been coming down with baby Taylor a couple of times a week to hang out with her mom. Since we live across the street from my mother in-law, we have been lucky to get to see Sabrina each time she comes to visit! She and Taylor come across the street and spend time with Wesley and I! Last week and today we were extra lucky because Sabrina's husband came with her, so we all got to hang out. Wesley LOVES his Uncle Cody! So here are some pictures of course!

Okay, so I accidently cut Cody's head off in this picture, but Wesley and Taylor look too cute not to post this.

These next few pictures are of Wesley's new hair cut. It's all buzzed off. I was giving him his haircut like I usually do, and he wouldn't sit still... so part of it came out shorter than the rest, so I just buzzed it off. When I was finished, he kept running around grabbing his head saying, "mommy... hair all gone!" I felt so bad. I teard up a bit. He looks so much older. He went from looking like my little baby, to a big boy in a matter of ten minutes. I am growing his hair back out for sure!
This was his bath after the hair cut to wash him up.

He was having fun making faces at the camera

Look how short it is!

The rest of the pictures I took today when Sabrina, Taylor, and Cody came to visit us. Wesley really enjoys himself when Aunt Beanie (as he calls her) and Uncle Cody come to visit. Wesley loves his Aunt Beanie so much, and had a VERY hard time adjusting to sharing her with Taylor. For all of Wesley's life he was used to being the center of his Aunt Beanies world, and to see her holding Taylor just broke his heart the first few weeks. Today was the first time he showed interest in Taylor. He kept asking his Aunt Beanie if he could hold Taylors hand. It was precious. I am so glad to see that he is starting to love his little cousin... as it shows Michael and I that our new bundle of joy will be welcomed with big hugs and kisses from his/her big brother Wesley!

He was so excited to hold Taylor. He kept telling me to go get his binkie (his special blanket) so he could make Taylor "nice and warm". Sabrina and I had a good laugh at that!

This one is just Taylor. Isn't she adorable? She looks JUST like Sabrina!

Here Wesley is giving his little cousin a BIG kiss!

He was smiling so big the entire time she was in his lap.

I love this one. He looks like such a big boy! He is going to be a great big brother.

So yes, I have enjoyed seeing Wesley with Taylor. I also love that he gets to spend time with Sabrina and Cody. He is very close with Sabrina and loves her so much. I am so glad he gets the chance to spend lots of time with her, Taylor, and Cody before we move back to Las Vegas in May of 2008.

Other than that, not much else is new! I go to the doctor this Thursday to begin my fertility treatment! We are so excited! It's all we can think about... well, when we have a free moment to think that is!

We hope everyone is doing well! Happy Spring Time!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring cleaning...

So we've been busy here in Kentucky... Michael's been busy with studying for finals, Wesley's been busy getting into EVERYTHING, and I have been busy "spring cleaning" and adding a few more personal touches to our home.

Here is mine and Michael's bedroom. Since I last posted photos of our room, I have hung curtains, got new bedding (today... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!), painted a bunch of white wicker things we had - I painted them a rich dark brown to match a few things in our room. The room is finally complete. It's so comfy and cozy.

Now this is our computer room. I painted in here last weekend. It's the same color my childhood bedroom at my Grandma Laura's was. I even have the same little milk glass lamp that I had as a child in there. You can see it in this picture on the table. I tried to create a small little nook for someone to sit and read while someone else is on the computer. That way the room has more than one use. The color is perfect for an office! It's bright and cheery!

Here is our little man! After his bath I brushed his hair back. I am trying to do something other than just brushing it forward like we always do. He has so much body and wave to it, it's a shame not to show it off! So these next couple of pictures are my attempt at styling his hair!
Here he stuck some alphabet puzzle pieces down his jammies! It was so funny. You had to be there.

Check out the head of hair on this boy! He's got my hair for sure! I've got lots of wave in my hair from my mom and my dad, so Wesley get's it from all three of us!

Alright, this picture has a cute story. We were eating left overs from Easter dinner, which of course included left over carrot cake for dessert! Well, after I was done eating, I went in the office to take care of a couple of things. Michael was clearing the table for me and watching Wesley while he finished his cake. The last thing I said to Michael was WATCH WESLEY AND MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T GET INTO THE CAKE! Well, a few minutes later Michael comes into the office and tells me something happened, but it's really cute. So I knew it was dealing with the cake! I grabbed the camera and went into the dining room to see Little Wessy sitting in his chair at the table enjoying another nice big piece of cake! He actually got a big piece of cake off the platter and put it in his bowl without making a mess. It was so cute! So here the little cake thief is... enjoying his cake!

Here he is eating brownies. We had guests over for dinner, and they brought the brownies. When no one was looking, he ran and grabbed two brownies - one for each hand! I was a little annoyed, as I don't like him eating so many sweets, but it was cute, so I snapped a picture!

Here he was laughing as I laughed while I tried to explain to him that taking those two extra brownies was a no-no.

So I've got a couple of things to add about Little Messy Wessy...

The other day he got into the baby powder and dumped it all over the kitchen floor. He then moved it into three different piles, and was "jumping" his little hot wheel cars over them. I didn't take a picture of that though... he went straight to time out for that one.

Oh lets see... then today he thought it would be fun to pour all of the pancake syrup out of the bottle and onto a plate. Thank goodness he didn't make a mess. He didn't get into too much trouble for that one, as Michael forgot to put the syrup away. Needless to say, we wont be having pancakes for a while.

Now for the best of the best. Tonight I was cleaning our bedroom like a mad woman. As I was cleaning I sent Wesley in the living room to play. Well, after about 15 minutes I noticed the house was starting smell really, really, REALLY good! The smell was sweet and fresh... so of course I thought of soap. I went to check on Wesley to find him running as fast as he could down the hallway and into the living room to hide. I then discovered that someone (I think it might have been me) left his Suave Strawberry Swirl 2-1 Shampoo (it's amazing stuff... if you've got kids you've got to try it!) all over the house! It was in the carpet, on the tile in his bathroom, on the sofa, and on a blanket. He poured most of it onto a blanket, so the clean up wasn't too bad. I put him in time out for that too. It was my fault for leaving the soap where he could get to it, but he still knows better. Well, if he didn't know better then, he does now!

So that's what we have been up to! Cleaning up one mess after another!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

I can hardly believe that is Easter again already! I suppose it's hard to believe it's Easter because the high temperature today was only in the upper 40's. It's so cold! We had to wear our winter clothes to church... jackets, boots, and all. Though it was cold it was still a beautiful day.

The morning started out pretty early, as the Easter Bunny left some pretty neat surprises for Wesley, and we just couldn't wait to wake him up to see them!

When Wesley woke up, he was so excited to see his Easter Basket and his new toys. The Easter Bunny really hooked him up this year.

After we played with the new things for a bit, we enjoyed a nice Easter pancake breakfast together (compliments of mommy - me), then rushed to get ready for church. After church we came home, we were all so tired we took a nap... it was MUCH needed!

I woke up from my nap before everyone else to get dinner started. The sister missionaries came over for dinner, and we had a lot of fun with them. Right now we have Sister Hair (yes, her last name is Hair), and Sister Roque (pronounced Rokay - She is from the Philippines).

I made deviled eggs, ham, cheesy rice and broccoli casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, and a cucumber salad. Oh, and of course we had carrot cake for dessert!

After dinner the Sisters, Michael, Wesley and I headed out front to find all the Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny left for Wesley. The Easter Bunny left plastic eggs filled with Peanut M&M's (Wesley's favorite) and little mini airplanes. He had tons of fun finding the eggs. He kept running around in the grass, and he would see a bright colored egg among the green grass and yell, "ANOTHER EGG!!!" He would run and grab it and throw it in his little Easter Egg Bucket. It was too cute.

So, our Easter was perfect. It was so great to spend time with the sister missionaries. They are so sweet!

We really hope everyone had a great Easter! It's a great day to celebrate, because we have the knowledge that Jesus Christ lives... and there's nothing more inspiring and uplifting than that!

And of course, all of our days pictures are below with captions.

Happy Easter!

Look at what the Easter Bunny left for Wesley!

When we got him up and brought him into the living room, he just stared at the gifts for a minute...

Then he turned to me and mummbled something... he was half awake, and was totally psyched to be woken up only to find new toys!

Here he looked a little closer to see that the Easter Bunny brought him the Thomas the Tank Engine Travel play set!

Of course as soon as he saw it, we had to open it so he could play with it!
This year we didn't get professional Easter pictures... we wanted to take this years Easter picture with a real bunny! It was hard to get him so smile because we was eating some chocolate while he held Hunny.
Here he is reloading his mouth with more M&Ms.
He was having a blast holding Hunny on his lap. He really loves her. He makes sure to run and say good morning to her each day!

A close up of Hunny. She's a cutie, that's for sure.
Let the Easter Hunt begin! (See, we had to wear our big winter jackets to keep warm!)
See, "another egg!"

... and another egg...
Yep, you guessed it, another egg! Daddy had to help him get this one.

He was really enjoying all the fun of hunting for those bright colored eggs.
Of course we had to get some family picture.

Wesley wasn't paying attention when we were trying to get these pictures taken.

He was way too worried about what he found on his egg hunt, to take a picture.
Our silly sister missionaries... Sister Roque (left) and Sister Hair (right)
Alright... I have one picture that is not related to Easter, but it is such a cute story, I have to share it with your all...
What's that green goop on his face you ask? It's toothpaste! Wesley got into our room, took the chair that goes to my vanity, pulled it into the bathroom, put it up to the counter, got on it, grabbed the toothpaste, and rubbed it all over his face. I think he may have sampled a bit as well. He is such a little stinker sometimes! It's not always easy having to keep up with him and his random experiments like this, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wesley's early Easter gift

So tonight I was watching the evening news when a piece came on about a city in California, and how it's experiencing a problem with bunnies! Apparently, they are all over the place, and they are driving the locals nuts. Of course, they had lots of footage of the little hippidty hops. They were all so cute! At the end of the segment, they said you could check their web site, and adopt one! I was sitting and thinking to myself I wish I lived closer to California so I could get one, then it dawned on me... they have bunnies outside of California, duh!

I have wanted a bunny ever since I was a little girl, but didn't have the chance to get one, as we always had HUGE dogs. So I sat and thought about how much Wesley would enjoy having one, as well as myself, so I called Michael and asked him if we could get one. He said yes, then he said, "wait, what kind of bunny"? I explained a real one of course! To my surprise, he said yes!

I ran to my computer and looked up the local pet store. I called to see if they had any bunnies, and they did. I then woke Wesley from his nap, we hopped in the car, and we were off to the pet store. When we got there, we were both loving on some puppies before we saw the bunnies. When we saw them, I knew I wanted to get him one! They were all so adorable.

I wanted a girl, as they are easier to take care of in certain aspects. After checking them all out, Wesley and I picked out our bunny. She's so adorable, soft, and cuddly! I am such a HUGE animal lover, and it makes me feel so close to Wesley to see that love and compassion for animals in his heart as well!

We named her while we were at the store. I asked Wesley what he wanted to name her, and he said, "CRAYON!" I responded, "honey, we can't name the bunny crayon!" then it hit me, lets name her Hunny! Wesley liked that name, and so Hunny it was.

We got such a great deal on her and the supplies. For her, her big cage, the bedding (wood chips for her cage), a HUGE supply of food, bunny snacks, 4 bunny toys, 1 bunny treat, water bottle, food bowl, and a book about owning a bunny... we paid $80.00!

On our car ride home I put the cage and the supplies in the back seat with Wesley, and the bunny was in a little box inside the cage. You couldn't see in the box, as to keep her calmer, but Wesley knew she was in there. He kept telling me, "Mommy, the bunny's in the box!"

When we got home he was elated to get her out of the box. All night he's been talking about his bunny, and going to her cage to talk to her. He even got into her food and tried to drop some food to her in her cage. He loves her for sure. I think this will be such a great experience for him. He loves our dogs, but the bunny will cuddle with him, and I think that will help him to feel a greater love and appreciation for animals. I think that's a very important part of childhood and then life as an adult. My parents had me around animals all the time. I can't remember ever not having a dog or a cat. I love animals and will always have them be a part of my life. I am so grateful to my parents for teaching me to love animals.

I am also happy to have learned that bunnies are not hard to care for at all. Yes, you have to clean the cage, but other than that, not much is required. The girls do not go into heat, they do not need shots, they do not carry diseases, they do not need to be fixed (unless we bought a male, which we WILL NOT), and they can be potty trained to a litter box for when they are not in their cage!

So now the pet part of our family has grown. We now have our two indoor dogs, Rue and Sammy. We have our out door cat Kanga. Our red Beta fish Reba, and last but not least, our Hunny Bunny!

Here are some pictures of Wesley and our cute new bunny!

Here Wesley is sleeping of course. He fell asleep holding his new little Hot Wheels VW Beetle.

Here he is trying to get Wella (my mom) on the phone. He picks up and says, "Hola? Wella?" then he looks at me and says, "mommy, where's Wella?" And I tell him to tell me where Wella is. He then looks really sad and says, "Mommy, Wellas in Las Vegas." (Las Vegas comes out Was Wegas) By the way, those are Michael's big ole' feet in the picture!

Here's Hunny....

I told Wesley to sit next to Hunny and smile for the camera, and he was being shy. I would have taken a picture of her in his lap, but he had already had his bath, and I didn't want him to get messy playing with her before bed.

I love her cage. It's purple, and so girly, plus it's the perfect size. She has plenty of room to grow.

After we took pictures of Hunny, Wesley was running around the kitchen all excited about his new bunny, and I snapped this picture, and thought it was cute, so I posted it.

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing our new furry friend!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our weekend

Well hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend! We are enjoying our weekend! This weekend is the 177th Semi-Annual General Conference for our church. It's been such an amazing experience to listen to the leaders of our church. I have to admit, that in the five years I have been a member of my church, this is the most enjoyable conference I have watched. They are speaking about such wonderful and uplifting things, you can't help but smile. It's given me a lot of pointers to help improve my life in many, MANY ways.

So, other than conference, we have been keeping busy this weekend. Last night we had a houseful of people. I made my home made salsa, guacamole, and Spanish rice. Everyone enjoyed munching on the goodies I made while watching some scary movies. We had a blast!

Alright, I've gotta talk a little bit about myself... I cut my hair yesterday! In the summer of 2005 I bleached ALL of my hair blonde (a select few of you can remember this horrible decision I made). It looked HORRIBLE to say the least, so I colored it back that same day. Needless to say, the color faded, and for the past two years I've been trying to grow my hair out, so that I can chop all of the dead, frizzy, and just plain NASTY hair off! Last summer I cut my hair pretty short, but still had a lot of the damaged hair.

Well, last night I went to my hair dresser, and she agreed that my hair was long enough that I could cut it off all of the damage and still have a cute new do! So I took the plunge. It's short, really short, BUT it's really cute, so I am getting used to it. Now I can grow my hair out nice and long and most of all, healthy. No more blow dryers or coloring for sure! My hair is finally one color. It took two years to get it back! I am not messing with bleach EVER again!

So here are some pictures of my new cut. I am growing it out from here on out, but I will definitely enjoy the low maintenance of my shorter hair while it lasts!

Notice, it's all one solid color, and it's healthy! Woohoo!

This was a cute picture of Michael and Wesley singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during conference this after noon. I had to post it!

More later!