Monday, April 23, 2007

Good times...

Not much is new here in Kentucky. Michael is still preparing for finals. We will BOTH be glad when they are done and over with! It will be even nice when this time next year he will be getting ready to graduate.

These past couple of weeks Wesley's Aunt Sabrina (my sister in-law of course) has been coming down with baby Taylor a couple of times a week to hang out with her mom. Since we live across the street from my mother in-law, we have been lucky to get to see Sabrina each time she comes to visit! She and Taylor come across the street and spend time with Wesley and I! Last week and today we were extra lucky because Sabrina's husband came with her, so we all got to hang out. Wesley LOVES his Uncle Cody! So here are some pictures of course!

Okay, so I accidently cut Cody's head off in this picture, but Wesley and Taylor look too cute not to post this.

These next few pictures are of Wesley's new hair cut. It's all buzzed off. I was giving him his haircut like I usually do, and he wouldn't sit still... so part of it came out shorter than the rest, so I just buzzed it off. When I was finished, he kept running around grabbing his head saying, "mommy... hair all gone!" I felt so bad. I teard up a bit. He looks so much older. He went from looking like my little baby, to a big boy in a matter of ten minutes. I am growing his hair back out for sure!
This was his bath after the hair cut to wash him up.

He was having fun making faces at the camera

Look how short it is!

The rest of the pictures I took today when Sabrina, Taylor, and Cody came to visit us. Wesley really enjoys himself when Aunt Beanie (as he calls her) and Uncle Cody come to visit. Wesley loves his Aunt Beanie so much, and had a VERY hard time adjusting to sharing her with Taylor. For all of Wesley's life he was used to being the center of his Aunt Beanies world, and to see her holding Taylor just broke his heart the first few weeks. Today was the first time he showed interest in Taylor. He kept asking his Aunt Beanie if he could hold Taylors hand. It was precious. I am so glad to see that he is starting to love his little cousin... as it shows Michael and I that our new bundle of joy will be welcomed with big hugs and kisses from his/her big brother Wesley!

He was so excited to hold Taylor. He kept telling me to go get his binkie (his special blanket) so he could make Taylor "nice and warm". Sabrina and I had a good laugh at that!

This one is just Taylor. Isn't she adorable? She looks JUST like Sabrina!

Here Wesley is giving his little cousin a BIG kiss!

He was smiling so big the entire time she was in his lap.

I love this one. He looks like such a big boy! He is going to be a great big brother.

So yes, I have enjoyed seeing Wesley with Taylor. I also love that he gets to spend time with Sabrina and Cody. He is very close with Sabrina and loves her so much. I am so glad he gets the chance to spend lots of time with her, Taylor, and Cody before we move back to Las Vegas in May of 2008.

Other than that, not much else is new! I go to the doctor this Thursday to begin my fertility treatment! We are so excited! It's all we can think about... well, when we have a free moment to think that is!

We hope everyone is doing well! Happy Spring Time!

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Jensen Family said...

I love his hair! He does look a little older but he looks a lot more like you with his new do. My father in law always tells me that the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is (drum roll please?)........two weeks. :)