Thursday, May 31, 2007


Every night before I go to bed, I check in on Wesley. Sometimes he is on the floor curled up in a ball with his blankets, sometimes he is actually in his bed, a couple of times I even found him asleep in his rocking chair, but last night I discovered him like this:

Here is a close up.

How uncomfortable does that look? VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to me! I am thinking he rolled over and ended up like that. Of course I picked him up and put his little head on his pillow and covered him up, but before I did that, I HAD to take a picture!

For a little over a month I had reached what I thought was my "breaking point" with Wesley. He was being a terrible two year old in every way possible - he even created a few new ways of being terrible in my opinion. Just when I thought that I wasn't able to handle anymore and felt hopeless - he started to get better!

You would have to "see it to believe it" with the stunts he was pulling. I am talking about throwing, hitting, kicking, SCREAMING at the top of is lungs, breaking toys, hitting the dogs, pushing over chairs, etc. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't take his naps... the list goes ON and ON!

Well, now he is eating his meals, nice and neat like I ask him to, he is saying please and thank you, he tells me he loves me, he's gentle with the dogs, he's not hitting, throwing, or screaming anymore, and he is just a joy to be around.

I have spent a little more time with him, one-on-one. We've playing together, had a little mommy-son picnic, and last night I put him in my car and put the car in the driveway. I didn't buckle him in because the car wasn't on, and it was in park. I then turned on the hose and drenched the car. He got a kick out of that! I would squirt the window and he would start cracking up!

So, I am thinking our one-on-one time has had a HUGE role in helping him to calm down. I think he may have been bored and felt lonely because I wasn't paying as much attention to him as I could.

I am going to stick with keeping him busy! Keeping his mind occupied with more than just TV. It stinks that everything costs so much money. I would love to have some extra cash to go to Michael's Craft Store and buy a bunch of crafts for us to do. I am going to pinch some pennies to try to get a little bit of money set aside for that. I was thinking of painting a white tshirt together that he can wear and be proud of, maybe make a piggy bank together, build a little house out of popsicle sticks, etc. We will have to wait and see what he prefers!

So, to end this blog - I am very happy at Wesley's new found attitude! It's much easier to deal with than his last one!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Our lucky day!

Tonight I thought I would try and see if our camera felt like turning on and taking pictures for us... and it did! So after I took the pictures I ran and loaded them onto our computer as fast as I could. So.. here are some pictures from the other day and from tonight.

Wesley's new outfit. I just love it on him!

Here he is having fun swinging his binky around.

I thought this was a cute action photo.

Michael and I took these together tonight. I thought it would be fun to cut myself some bangs a few days ago... well, I am not so sure how I feel about that decision now! I like this picture... Michael's eyes are closed but I think it's cute! He looks all dazed and confused. I hag to brag a bit... isn't my skin looking 1,000 times better than this time last year? My acne is gone, thaks to Proactiv!

Here we got lucky... Michael's eyes are open!

We thought we would blow everyone a kiss... but when I looked at the picture I had to laugh. Michael looks like he has a really odd shaped mustache!

We took these tonight too. Yes, Wesley is wearing Christmas pajamas. They fit, so what else matters?

Look at Wesleys dazed and confused expression, like father like son?

I told Wesley I wanted to take pictures of him, and he told me to take a picture of his airplane. He LOVES that thing. He got it for Christmas from Papaw and Mamaw (my dad and stepmom)

And I had to get a shot of his big blue eyes!

Today we had a fun day! I wish I had been able to take pictures of our adventures. Wesley and I took a trip into the city where Michael is working (his internship). We got the grand tour and we were able to meet the two lawyers Michael is working for. They were so nice. I was so shocked at how friendly and down to earth they were. They are just normal guys like Michael! I got to see Michael's office and meet his two other coworkers. I am so proud of Michael and his accomplishments. It was so exciting to get to see a glimpse of what is in store for our future! I can just see myself taking Michael lunch to HIS law office someday and visiting him with the kids. Wearing his shirt and tie, carrying his briefcase, etc. I needed to make this trip today. Seeing him in action, seeing how much passion he has for law, and seeing how well it fits him, it just made all the hardships we have been going through feel like they weren't hardships, just stepping stones!

Now, let's all keep our fingers crossed that my camera keeps working!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Here are the much promised pictures...

He is saying hello to Hunny. He sure loves her.

He's actually saying "cheeseeeee"!

I thought this picture was cute. He looks like he is taking a bow.

Michael was outside grilling some steaks for dinner, and Wesley wanted to say hi to him so badly... so he went and got his little play phone, turned it upside down, and used it for a little step stool. (Don't worry, yes, there is a screen and the windows are very hard to open, so he will not be able to open the window any higher and fall out - I know some of you were thinking about that the second you saw him near the window.) Oh, and excuse the plates that totally don't match the dining room. When I got the plates I got them thinking that they matched perfectly with my chili pepper kitchen theme... well, I didn't stop to think that we don't eat in the kitchen - we eat in the dining room - which is in a Tuscan theme... so needless to say it looks kind of silly with the red hot chili pepper plates on the nice soft green tuscan place matts.

A close up of him looking at daddy.

He was so excited when Daddy was done grilling... he couldn't wait to be picked up!

These are the only family pictures we take these days. (Please forgive the photo of me with no makeup! Scary... I know!)

Now, as for Mother's Day, mine was great! I woke up to Wesley crawling into bed with a beautiful plant for me and a card. He kissed me and told me to open my presents. After that, Michael made breakfast for me. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. Scrammbled eggs and toast. Yummy! Now, probably the best part of all, Michael watched Wesley and got him ready for church this morning so I could have some time to myself and take a bubble bath. It was so relaxing. A nice way to start my day!

Then we went to church. Church was nice today. All the men were extra nice to us mommies :-)

After church we came home and Michael made my favorite dinner - mequite and lime grilled chicken! We ate it on the balcony - and I tell you the weather was PERFECT. There was a nice breeze that kept us comfortable in the warm sun. After our great dinner we had Key Lime Cake - yes - cake! It was delicious.

On top of all of that, Michael set up my little foot spa for me tonight... so I got to soak my feet for a while, THEN he gave me an hour long foot massage. I felt like a pampered princess!

So, to sum it up, my Mother's Day was perfect. I got to spend it with the two people I love the most!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Our special guest!

So Uncle Nathan arrived last night and the fun started right away! We drove around for a while trying to find some place to eat... well, almost every placed in town was closed. Well, we finally found a steak place. The main dining area was closed, but the bar and a small eating area near it was still open, so we got to eat! Uncle Nathan treated us to a great dinner! After dinner we came home and hung out pretty late. We all slept in to say the least! Well, when we woke up, Uncle Nathan had some surprises for Wesley!
Here Unlce Nathan shows Wesley the bag with his presents inside.
Here Unlce Nathan is telling Wesley to go for it and get the presents!

Wesley finally reached into the bag to see what was waiting for him.

He's really excited to see the animal play set and book he got!

Fun fun fun!

The rest of the pictures show Wesley and his uncle having lots of fun cuddling, reading a book together, and ust having fun!