Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How cute!

Two updates in one day, what a treat for you! Haha!

Alright, I HAD to make another post to tell you all about Wesley using my iPod, yes, my iPod! I added a couple episodes of his favorite cartoon Caillou (pronounced Ky-you) onto my iPod. I didn't know if he would like it or not... but when I showed it to him, he put the headphones on, and has been sitting here quietly watching ever since! Now, I am by no means using this as a baby sitter, but as a way for him to have something fun to do on long car rides, doctors appointments, etc. Just a way to keep him happy :-)

For those of you who don't know Caillou, he is the cutest little cartoon characted! Wesley has taken to him so dearly. He talks about Caillou, and even pretends to talk to him on the phone and he searches for him around the house! Wesley decided that he wants to be Caillou for Halloween! My mom and I are going to put our heads together and make the costume. They aren't made period, so we have to do it on our own! I think we will do great!

Wesley loving the iPod! (The iPod was a gift from my mom a few months ago for those who are wondering)

This is Caillou and his cat Gilbert! As you see, the costume wont be too hard to make. My mom will make the unique little red collar he has with the yellow buttons, I've got the blue shorts, and then we just have to get some cheap white shoes and paint them those funky colors! Oh, and don't forget the yellow socks! To complete his costume, he will use his little stuffed grey kitty from my mom (Christmas gift last year) as Gilbert! He will look great, and the whole costume will cost us around $10-15! Not bad, considering most costumes start around $30!


Well hello everyone! Yesterday I decided it would be fun to make a F.H.E. Board for our family. For those of you who don't already know, F.H.E. stands for Family Home Evening. Family Home Evening takes place on Monday night. It's a night that parents and their children (so Michael, Wesley, and I) gather together and share in a lesson, singing songs together, and then a yummy treat and a game afterwards. It's a lot of fun! It's so nice to have one day during the week that our family slows down and makes time to spend with each other.

Now, a family home evening board is a place to deligate the family night responsiblities to each family member. We only have three people in our family, so I had to give each of us two duties, but as we add to our family we will be able to have more help!

So below you can see the pictures (if you need to click on it so it will become larger). I painted everything by hand! (Except the little bees and the beehive) I cut, painted, glued, etc. It was a lot of fun. All together it took me about 4 hours to compelete!

You can see the six yellow stars. They each have one of the parts of F.H.E. on them, and then below a little heart hangs with the name of the person who takes care of it. Right now Wesley can only help with prayers and with picking out a song and "leading" the music, but as he grows, he will be able to help with the lessons!

My two boys having fun playing on PBSKids.org

The dining room looked so pretty last night, I snapped a picture! Silly, I know!

We hope everyone is doing great!