Monday, October 29, 2007

All is well!

I had my first doctors appointment today! My pregnancy was confirmed, and my due date is officially July 5th (give or take a few days - depends on what the baby decides!)

I had an ultra sound and there is only one baby! My doctor was concerned about multiples, so he did an ultra sound today.

The ultra sound brought MUCH relief to myself, as the doctor said everything looks GREAT and that he feels everything will be a-okay!

I have pictures from the ultra sound, but will post them later.

I have another ultra sound in two weeks. The doctor wants a second one just to be 100% positive there is only one baby - plus I will get to possibly hear the heartbeat, which I am VERY excited about!

So all is well over hear with the baby.

Halloween is in a couple of days, and I will post pictures of Wesley in his cute costume!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I'm pregnant! I found out today and we are elated!

It's hard to see the test, but click on it, and it will be bigger, so you can see it better!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Birthday!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and family who remembered my birthday and called me (or emailed me) to wish me well on my special day...

Mom (Diane)
Mother In Law
Grandma Eiko
Uncle Joe
Aunt Kathy

There's a couple more... but I can't remember everyone, that's just how many people helped me to celebrate my milestone 25th birthday!

It was a great day! It was a lot of fun having my mom and Nana here with me. We spent the day together, my mom watched Wesley so I could do a little bit of shopping on my own (a VERY rare occurrence).

Wesley has been LOVING having my mom here. He's always running around the house, "Wella! Wella!" It's too cute!

So, here are some pictures from my birthday!

My handsome Hubby and I (my mom was making me laugh when she took this pic)
Wessy and Mommy
Us again
Michael lighting the candles on my cake (he made it!)
Now, he burnt the cake, but it was REALLY good!

Thanks again to all my family and friends who remembered me!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look what I found

Tonight while I was watching Red Sox vs. Indians, a commercial came on, so I decided to run in and check on Wesley and what I found was very amusing. He was fast asleep... on his floor... with his new shoes on!
Today we bought him new shoes for fall. We got a great pair of nice and shiny church shoes, and some really awesome looking boots/sneakers for him to wear daily. Well he LOVED helping pick out his shoes (he's wearing a whopping 11 1/2 already!!!). He was so excited about his new shoes, that apparently, after we said our prayers, and tucked him into bed, he got back out, and put a boot on one foot and a church shoe on the other.
When we came in his room, he was asleep on his back, his knees bent and his legs cross, his arms up over his head, all while wearing the shoes, covering half of his face with his binky AND he was even holding a little tire that he loves to take off and put on one of his cars.
So, here are the pictures of my cutie son!
This is the first picture I took of him. Notice the different shoes on each foot.
A close up up his new kicks - and his artistic idea of sporting one of each :-)
His little tire in his little hand... how cute is that?!?!
A close up of the hand. I thought it was so sweet, I snapped lots of pictures.
What else can I say? haha!
Sleeping so sweetly...
And after I snapped this last picture, I cleared his toys off his bed (for the millionth time!) removed his shoes, took the tire from his hand, and tucked him back into bed. He simply rolled onto his tummy, grabbed his binky tight, and continued to sleep so sweetly.

He is without a doubt the most amazing little boy ever - and not just because he's adorable, but also because he has such a sweet and creative imagination!