Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun stuff!

Today I had my second doctors appointment, as well as my second ultra sound... and everything looked great!

I had my ultra sound first, and that was so special. The technician dimmed the lights, and began the ultra sound... she told me to look closely at the screen, and she pointed out this tiny little thumping thing... and told it was my babies heart. It was beating so quickly (which is good) and of course, it made me tear up.

They measured the baby crown to rump and say I am further along than we though - but only by a couple of days. So basically, I am about 6 weeks and 4 days along.

So to sum of my whole visit to the doctors today - my doctor said and I quote, "everything is perfect". That was all I needed to hear!

Here is a picture of our cute little guy/girl (I am thinking boy, but Michael says girl)
For those of you who may not know where the baby actually is... he/she is inside the black circle towards the bottom and there is an arrow touching the tip of it, and it says "baby". The left hand side of it is the babies head, and the other side is the rump.

I've got other pictures to update of Wesley's birthday and Halloween... I will have to do those sometime this week.. there are just SOOO many pictures I've got to get up!