Thursday, February 28, 2008

Right now Wesley and I are in Nevada visiting my family. So far we've been able to do some playing in the snow and a lot of playing with his Disney Cars.

It's been nice seeing my family, especially my Grandma. She will be turning 92 in April. It brings so much joy to see her interacting with Wesley.

The other day I was having a hard time getting him to wake up, so she went in and started singing a silly song to him, and as he started to wake up, he had a big smile on his face.

After he woke up we all headed out and took a small trip to buy the baby her blessing gown.

I took some pictures of her gown, shoes, and a beautiful little pearl bracelet I found that's made just for a baby girl to where on her blessing day!

Here is her gown - the picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful it is. I am going to hand sew some little pearls onto the bottom to match her bracelet to put a personal touch on it.
Here are her shoes. Aren't they precious!?!
And her cute little bracelet.

I have been doing A LOT of shopping for her! She already has lots of dresses, dress shoes, onsies, jammies, pants, and cute tops to match. She's spoiled already!

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a.............


We found out today that our new addition will be the little princess we’ve been praying for!

We got a lot of ultra sound pictures of her. She’s so cute already!

The name we have picked out for our princess is Sophia.

The appointment went so great. They were so thorough! They check everything on her! They made sure she had two lips, ten fingers and toes, they checked her heart, bladder, stomach, spine, etc. She is 100% healthy and active as can be.

It was so cute how the ultrasound tech. told us she was a girl...

She told us she was hoping the baby would move so she could see her bottom a bit better which would make determining the sex easier. As she moved around on my belly she said, “Oh! That will be a good picture… say cheese!” she then snapped a picture on the computer, and typed “GIRL”.

I was NOT expecting that! Right away I started to cry tears of happiness, and then I started laughing at the same time. Michael was sitting there holding my hand and I looked at him and he had the biggest smile on his face.

We are both so happy that we will have a daughter to love and spoil. Wesley is excited to have a baby sister!

We went to Target tonight to buy her a couple of things. Wesley picked out a cute pink dress, I got a couple of things, and Michael picked out a couple of things too. All and all, we came home with 7 cute outfits and three adorable little baby headbands with bows on them.

Here are some pictures of Sophia:

This is a picture of her profile. Isn't she cute? Her mouth is open a little. When the tech. took this picture she was opening and closing her mouth a bunch and the tech said she was singing. Cute!

Here are Princess Sophias feet. So tiny, so perfect!

And this is the picture that the tech took and typed "GIRL" on to tell us!

So there you have it! We are having a girl. For those of you sceptics, yes, we're sure it's a girl, the tech. got a clear as day shot of what she needed to see to confirm the sex!

We feel so blessed to have Wesley and soon Sophia!

Tomorrow we celebrate our five year wedding anniversary.

Life is great!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guess what... PICTURES!!!

I am FINALLY posting pictures! I haven't posted pictures in a long time... so there is a lot to catch everyone up on!

This is Wesley's 3rd birthday back on November 6th 2007 (we were still in our old house)

This is Christmas morning 12-25-07 in our new apartment (which we LOVE!) Wesley had JUST woken up!

This is what Wesley saw Christmas morning... Santa sure did spoil Wesley this year :-)

His new Leap Pad!

He was SOOOO excited to open this! It was a big Mack Truck that he asked Santa for.

Now this is a proud mommy moment for me. I let Wesley play with a deck of my cards, and he put all the cards face up, facing the same direction, and made this long line and called it "train tracks". He is such a smart little boy to have everything facing the same way!

So he was feelig a bit proud of himself when I told him how smart he was! haha

A picture of the apartment (and our dog Rue running around)

Happy 27th Birthday Michael!

My new haircut... I have had A LOT of demands for pictures of this :-)

And here is a belly shot that everyone has been asking for as well. We took this within the past couple of days... I am just about 20 weeks... HALF WAY THERE!

Another belly shot... again... about 20 weeks!!!

So that will have to do for now as far as pictures go.

We find out on February 18th if the baby is a boy or a girl, and we are so excited!

Michael and I have been so busy! Last night we had our good friend Natalie watch Wesley for us, and Michael took me to a nice dinner and then dancing! We got to dress up and everything. It was a lot of fun! We haven't had time alone like that for a long time.

Since we have moved all three of us have had to do a lot of adjusting, but we are so happy. We love our apartment. It's so nice and new and much more "modern" looking than our house was. We love it because it's our little home!

Now that I have got our digitial camera stuff located I can start posting pictures on here more often!

Happy Valentines everyone!