Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

We had a great Easter - filled with Easter Egg coloring, hunts, baskets, and fun, fun, fun! This is the first Easter Wesley has really enjoyed. He was excited about it all week long. He knows the Easter is about Jesus, and that we celebrate Jesus' resurrection on this day. He also knows that Santa is busy at his workshop making toys for Christmas, so on Easter, the Easter Bunny comes to our home, hides the pretty eggs we color, and leaves a basket filled with yummy treats and toys - to celebrate Jesus Christ.

I am pretty impressed with Michael and I at how we were able to make sure Wesley understood Easter was about Jesus, but still let him have tons of fun with the Easter Bunny and all that comes with it!

Here Wesley is getting ready to color his eggs with Michael and I.

And here he is getting started.
He had a lot of fun picking which colors he wanted to use.
Waiting was the hard part!
But at last, the time would come to take out his colorful little creation.
Then this morning of course we began with our Easter Egg Hunt! After our hunt we sat down as a family, ate Easter Breakfast, and as we ate, Michael read to us "The First Easter Story". This is a new tradition our family has started. We had a great morning. But before we had breakfast... then hunt was on!

Last but not least it was time to find where the Easter Bunny hid Wesley's basket. Our dog Rue pointed his little nose to the kitchen... so off Wesley went in search for his treasure.

Wesley was VERY pleased at what the Easter Bunny had to bring him. He got an awesome FBI Agent play set, with a little green gun, a badge, walkie-talkie, handcuffs (with keys), a night stick, and a whistle! In his basket he also had a new educational movie (which he loves already), a chocolate Easter Bunny, a Easter puzzle, egg shaped bubble gum, a little pig that we call Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web). Sounds like a lot... doesn't it? Well... thanks to the Dollar Tree, I believe the "Easter Bunny" splurged a whopping $7.00 for everything. You've gotta love those dollar stores!

He was pleased to say the least.

These next pictures our from our little trip to the playground in our apartment complex on Friday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Here he is playing with a tree branch that was in the grass. He is attempting to plant it in the volley ball court sand.
Having fun with the slide

And on laundry day (seems like laundry day is everyday!) he thought it would be fun to bury himself in our bedsheets while they were waiting their turn to get in the washing machine.

And last but not least, the other night he had fun playing "tickle monster" with me in the bed before bedtime

And after our tickling match, he was tuckered out, and fell asleep all cuddled up in his bed!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our home

Here are some pictures of our cozy little home.
This is a shot of the dining room from the kitchen. (You can see we already have the baby's high chair set up in the right hand corner of the dining room) The door to the left of the dining room leads to our master bedroom
This is our bedroom. It's bigger than it looks, but I didn't feel like taking a ton of pictures of it.
I LOVE the decorations above our bed. My Grandma sent me the beautiful scarf rod set. I then bought the picture that matches our bed at the dollar store! You can't beat that.
This is the kitchen and bar area. I don't know if you can see them... but the doors off in the back ground are the pantry and our laundry room.
Here is the living room. The door you see leads to the balcony. You can also see a little hallway on the left, that leads to Wesley's bathroom and his bedroom.
This is another shot of the living room from the kitchen. Our sofa looks ghetto with the blankets on the cushions, but it's a new sofa, and we REALLY like it, and we don't want it to get dirty. Wesley's really good about making sure he is always sitting on one of the blankets.
I need to take pictures of the bathroom in our master bedroom, Wesley's bathroom, and a couple other little spots we have.
So I have some cute stories to share about Wesley. Tonight Michael asked him when they were in the car alone, "Do you like Daddy?" and Wesley exclaimed, "Yes! And I like Mommy too!"
When I heard that, it made my day!
As far as potty training goes - we are ALMOST there! Yesterday he came into my room with no pants or pull-up on, and told me he went poo-poo in the potty and needed me to wipe his bottom, so I checked, and sure enough, he did go on the potty, and all by himself, with no messes!
As far as going tinkle in the potty, he is getting better at that as time goes on. It's mostly a matter of him being caught up in something fun and not wanting to tare himself away for a minute to use the potty, but we are working on this with some new ideas for motivating him!
Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lots of pictures

Alright - so here's the deal - I have lots of pictures I am posting, but I am way to tired to sort through them and put them in order - so yes, they are VERY mixed up as far as the dates go, but oh well!

Here is Wesley and his Mamaw (my step mom) when we visited NV this past month

Here Michael just completed a 775 piece puzzle... he was very proud of himself to say the least!
I've had requests for pictures of Wesley and the babies room - so here it is. It's not much so far, as I am slowly still decoration Sophia's half of the room and Wesley's. It's not so easy to do a cute room for a boy and a girl, but it's slowly coming together. Sophia's side is in pink and lots of flowers, and Wesley's side is now in Thomas the Tank Engine.
Here is Sophia's Crib. I hand painted the hearts you see on the wall.
I painted them to match her bedding we bought.
Here is Wesley in his new Thomas the Tank Engine bedding - he LOVES it!
Now we couldn't leave Rue out, could we? He got a new bed too (and a nylabone to chew on as well!)

Here Wesley is hanging out in Papaws (my dad) chair.

Here is the worlds best Grandma! My Grandma Laura
Here she is playing with Wesley - they had a blast together.
A sad moment - Grandma saying goodbye to Wesley the day we left NV and headed home.
Here are four generations. My Grandma, my dad, me, and Wesley. It's the only picture of the four of us together.

Wesley is wearing his backpack and feeling oh so proud.

He loves getting his picture taken. Can you tell he is saying "cheese!"

Here is is playing in the snow in NV with his cousins lacrosse thingy (I don't know what you call it!)
See the blue around his mouth and the guilty look on his face? The blue is the playdough he ate (thank goodness it's not toxic) and the guilty look is because he got caught!

Here is my nephew and my brother in law building a snowman.
Wesley and my 11 year old brother in law hanging out at our place, watching a movie together - so cute!

So that's it for now! Happy St. Patricks Day (tomorrow)!