Sunday, December 28, 2008

Like the wind the year flew by...

With the blink of an eye, Christmas has come and gone. Every year it seems like time just goes by faster and faster.

This year was a great Christmas for our family! It was Sophia's first Christmas with us!

We had the most fun watching Wesley play with his new big train from Santa!

Santa set the train up Christmas Eve, and had a lot of trouble doing so. I think he finally left our house at about, oh 3am. It was at about 6:20am that I heard noise coming from the living room, to wake up and find Wesley playing with his new train! He didn't even come and get us. It was so cute. Of course the first thing I did was grab a camera!

Now Wesley originally asked Santa for the Polar Express train - retailing at $250 - yes TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS! (What INSANE person makes a child's toy SOOOO expensive? And better yet, who buys it for them!?!) Needless to say, Santa called me and told me he felt that was a bit too much for a train that would most likely get broken after being played with, so he compromised and found a great train for $29.99. Wesley was happy with Santa's idea!

Caught in the act! He didn't even go for the Christmas presents under the tree!

Here's the tree the on Christmas Eve before we went to bed.

And here is one of the projects I had been working on - getting our new family pictures into frames. I didn't like our old frames - so I bought some spray paint ( 96 cents) and sprayed all the frames in our house black. They came out great!

Daddy and Sophia Christmas morning... SO sleepy at SIX am!

Loving his train!

We finally got him interested in opening his gifts.

Santa didn't forget Rue of course!

He insisted on sitting in the tracks as he opened his other gifts.

Here is is sitting and reading a new book mommy got him. (You can also see the other project I have been working on above the sofa - it's not done just yet - but again, old frames, letters, and spray paint!)

Sophia was enjoying her new toys too!

Here Sophia is in her car seat watching Wesley play with his train

Onto Christmas dinner! I made a huge turkey, asparagus (instead of green bean casserole) baked potatoes (instead of mashed) rolls, shrimp cocktails, appetizers, and sparkling cider. It was so yummy! (and yes, even though I was up WAY to late and up WAY to early, I still managed to get dinner made. I think the most fun part of Christmas this year was everything we did for the kids, staying up late (helping Santa, wink wink, getting up early for gifts, making dinner, etc. It's all worth it!)

Sophia has such a pretty smile!

Now for a couple of funny stories.

First - the other night Wesley wasn't on his best behavior, so I sent him to time out - which is the corner by our pantry and laundry room. He puts his nose in the corner and his hands behind his back for four minutes, then the timer goes off, and he's all done, and we move on.

His new thing while in time out is, "I have to go potty!" and of course, he says that just so he can sneak away for a minute or two.

Well, the other night when he was in time out he told me he had to go potty, and I thought he was just pulling his usual trick, so I looked at him and told him to hold it. He then told me he really had to go, so I told him, "Well, then you're just gonna have to go in your pants"

So, what does he do? He goes to the bathroom in time out! Then I got pretty upset and said, "Why did you pee your pants!?!?!" and he looks at me with his big blue eyes and says, "Because you told me to."

He got me there! I told him I was sorry and cleaned him up.

One more cute storey...

After church today Wesley's teacher told Wesley "lets go look for your daddy, what's his name?" and Wesley looks deep in thought and replies, "His name is......... daddy!"

You've gotta love my little four year old!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's been a while since we updated! Life has been busy for us. First off, we have all had a crazy bug that's taken over our household for about TWO weeks now! Let me tell you how it's buzzed around our family.

It started with Wesley, then went to Sophia. They were better, then I got it. I was feeling better, then Michael came down with it. On about day two of Michael being sick, I became sick, again, with a different bug. Then Michael got better. I finally got better, then Sophia caught the new bug, and now Michael again. So far Wesley's only been sick once.

Poor Sophia was up all night last night crying. I pretty much held her all day today. After awhile of listening to her breathing/coughing I became concerned and took her to her doctor. The doctor has been watching Wesley and Sophia's breathing closely the past couple of months as asthma has been a concern. I have it, my mom, and my brother. Well, today the doctor said she was pretty sure Sophia has asthma, and gave us a breathing machine and medication. She told me what to watch for as far as needing to giver her a treatment. It's not an everyday thing by any means. She pretty much will need it when she has a cold as that can trigger her asthma, and when she is around things that aggravate it. So far the only thing that seems to make her cough a bit is cats, and when fall came, but it wasn't bad enough for treatment, so we will see how it goes.

Tonight she had her first treatment, as she has a cold and has been having a hard time breathing at night.

The system they gave us (brand new and to keep!) is really nice. It's small and has a great travel bag so it goes with us with ease). It has a cute little fish mask we put over her face to breath in the medication.

At first she cried because the mask was so foreign to her, but after I held her a bit and rocked her, she became calm, and smiled and me through the mask. It broke my heart! She's just so beautiful, even with a medical mask on her face!

Getting her first treatment

Now onto other things -

Wesley had a Christmas party at his school last Thursday - and parents were invited. It was a blast! We are SO blessed to have such AMAZING teachers. They make everything so much fun, and they love the kids with all their hearts.

Here is his class (small!) sitting in their cubbies.

The teachers made an ice skating rink inside the class room! (How to do it - buff the floors REALLY good, put cotton fluff all over the floor, then slide around in your socks! It was so fun, I took my shoes off and slide around, and fell on my butt! What fun!!)

Me and Wesley

Wesley throwing a snowball at me (really a cotton ball!)

You can see Mrs. Tina in the red having a blast with the kids!

Wesley playing a ring toss.. he made it on the mark! That's my boy!

Look how beautiful they made the little rink!

Mrs. Pam and Mrs. Tina doing a craft with the kids.

Wesley having fun crafting

Last but not least, a couple of Mondays ago, for Family home evening we acted out the Nativity Story. I was Mary, Wesley was Joseph, Sophia was baby Jesus, and Rue was a sheep (he's a black dog - so he was a "black sheep" - poor Rue!) Michael narrated for us)

It was so funny, we were walking around the apartment pretending to knock on inn doors and ask if there was room, and when the "inn keeper" would say no, Wesley would get upset and say, "yes there is!" It was so funny, we had to laugh!

Here we are in costume

Isn't she the cutest baby Jesus you have ever seen!

She is our beautiful angel!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family pictures!

We got our family pictures taken today (LONG overdue!!)

So check them out, enjoy, and keep an eye on your mailbox... as you will be getting them soon!

Wesley and Sophia (who is sleeping)
Wesley, what a stud!


Look at our princess! She's such a little mama! (Her ears DO NOT stick out like this... it's from her headband!!)

Too cute in her Christmas dress!

I LOVE this picture of my BEAUTIFUL daughter

Mommy and her boy

Mommy and her little mama

The two love birds who made those cute babies!

Daddy and his boy

Daddy and his princess

Daddy and his two amazing kiddos!

Mommy and her babies!

Wesley, looking ever so serious!

The happy family!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Alright... I can FINALLY announce some way exciting news that I have been keeping a secret... my best friend Janet is pregnant with baby number 3!!! I am SOOOO elated for her!

Here is her cute family!

She already has a boy - Dallin - 4 (Wesley's good buddy) and Abby (a complete DOLL!) - 2!

Why am I so excited to announce her pregnancy you ask? Because I am just that happy for her!

She's feeling REALLY crappy (you've got to LOVE the first trimester of pregnancy) so she is really eager to get through these first 3 months so she can actually enjoy being preggo!

So Janet - congrats! I am so happy for you and Eric. You guys are amazing parents, and I have NO doubt that little baby #3 will be a perfect fit into your already very blessed and happy family!

Love you girl!!

Now, for our own family announcements....

Wesley got a hair cut! Woohoo! I was growing it out to do the whole "shaggy" trendy look, but I just couldn't deal with it anymore! I bought so many hair products to try and tame his mane, but nothing worked. It looked good for the first hour, then POOF... it would look like he had just gotten out of bed. So today I bribed him with a nice warm bowl of homemade chocolate oatmeal with marshmallows... and he let me cut it!

It was insane, hair was flying everywhere! I should have taken a before picture of his wild hair, but I didn't think of it until I was done!

I took this picture last night. It's the closest thing I have to a "before" picture. (Wesley is with his FAVORITE uncle, Michael's brother Daniel)

Look at all that hair!!!!

After! I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! You can't beat a free haircut!

For another family announcement.... Sophia got her ears pierced on Saturday as an early Christmas gift. She was such a good baby! She cried when the guy held her head still to put the earrings in, and then when he was done, I picked her up, and she was fine! Her ears are doing great. No swelling, no redness... nothing! She's got good ear lobes like her mama! haha! Click on this picture below to enlarge it and get a good look at her tiny little princess ears!

I snapped this picture of my two boys on Saturday night - passed out on the sofa.

We decorated for Christmas last week, and here is our tree

Wesley had a blast decorating!

So pretty!

That's all we have been up to! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Christmas season!