Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow, ice, ice, snow, snow... and more snow.

Geesh, when will this end!?!?! I am SOOOO missing being out West... the weather there is 100 times better than this nasty junk. I can't wait to move back to my family... and enjoy the nice, crisp, warm sun! It wont be hard to say goodbye to this nasty humidity and yucky ice/snow mixture!

One of my favorite trees in front of our building. It's ruined forever because of all the ice weighing it down.

Wesley had fun at least!

The ice makes for inconvenience, but, I have to admit, this does look pretty.

Daddy and Sophia staying warm inside!

We have been lucky, a lot of other people are without power... ours flickered once or twice, but we never lost it... thank goodness!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got a hair cut and had requests for pictures - here you go!

I have to admit, I'm a lucky girl to have inherited my dads thick (well, it used to be... haha.. sorry dad) wavy hair! Thanks Dad! ;-)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lately life has been busy, but good for the most part.

I was sick with a stomach bug for a few days, but am healthy once again, and VERY grateful for that!

Michael's been SOOO busy with work, but he really loves his job so though he's busy - he's having fun!

His boss is such a thoughtful guy. The other night they were at a business meeting and it went late, and guess what his boss did - he sent Michael home with dinner for our family. Not just any dinner... a fried shrimp dinner! How nice was that?

Onto the kids...

Sophia can sit up now, but she chooses not to. She prefers to be held and played with. Now, if I am laying on the floor RIGHT next to her, she's okay and sits up, but the second I leave her side, she flops to her belly, arches her back, and demands the attention of her mama (also known as screaming and crying)!

It's annoying at times, but I am so grateful to have her, that it's worth it. She's too cute - when I cook dinner she wants to be with me, so she sits in her little chair on the counter and watches me cook. I let her taste the different sauces I make and it's so cute to see her suck it down and fuss for more.

Here she is in the kitchen helping me make dinner. Look at her pig tails! Her hair keeps getting longer and longer (Sorry Bro. Hutch - went ya got it, flaunt it, right?)!

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of her. She's so beautiful.

There's that million dollar smile!
Wesley is such a good looking boy. Look at the handsome grin (that of course says, "Yep, I'm up to something!")

He asked me to take a picture of his hand and put it on our blog. He's a funny little guy!

Look at those eyes!

He also requested a picture of his train be put up as well, so here it is - The Polar Express!!!

I NEVER buy donuts - they are BAD BAD BAD!!! - BUT the other day Wesley pleaded with me for some, so I got him a box. He needs to gain a few pounds anyways!

Sophia playing with paper - why she loves it, I will never know

I love this little girl!

On another note - I had such a great day today! My good friend Carlie and I went shopping together, and man, I had so much fun! She always makes me smile, laugh, and just have such a good time. It was so much fun to look at all the things we want (and we WILL get them all someday Carlie, wont we!?!) and to talk about stuff that you just can't talk about with your hubby. So again, it was a blast to hang out with her, and I can't wait to do it again! (Next time we should get TWO shopping carts, and load them up with our big clocks, sofa covers, pillows, etc! haha.. wink wink oh and your butcher block!)

Life,'s been good lately. I'm blessed, and I am grateful for that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home Alone... kinda...

The past couple of days have been fun to say the least!

Michael was out of town (but is now back, thank goodness) in Seattle, WA for business. I am actually pretty surprised at how well I was able to handle taking care of the kids 24/7 on my own. Don't get me wrong, there were some rough spots, BUT we made it through!

Onto some pictures...

I had to take a picture for my family in Nevada to see how LONG Sophia's hair really is! Look at this! She's only 6 months old!

This is what it looks like if I don't style her hair. So 99% of the time, I take the time to put it in piggy tails, a pony tail, or use a headband (thanks Janet!) to keep her long locks out of her eyes. I am sure some of you wonder why I don't cut it... because you don't cut a little girls hair! (At least I dont!) You let is grow nice and long!!! One day it will be long enough that we can brush it back and it wont be in her eyes!

While I was feeding/taking pictures of Sophia, Wesley crawled behind her high chair and told me he was stuck. Well he was majorly distracting her from eating so I asked him MANY times to get out from behind it, and he kept saying, "I'm stuck!" so I replied, "I guess that big spiders gonna getcha then!" wow... did he move quick! He was "unstuck" in a matter of seconds! (You've gotta love the quick wit of a mother!)
Funny story - Sophia doesn't dig veggies too much, so to get her to eat them, we play a game. With each bite I give her a fun elaborate description of what we are "pretending" she is about to eat. It goes something like this... (in a high pitched voice) "Sophia! You are about to enjoy a nice, big, warm piece of apple pie - with a cold scoop of french vanilla ice cream, lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and a dab of creamy whipped cream..." then in it goes. Of course she has no idea what apple pie is, but she gets a kick out of my voice and big smile, and it distracts her long enough to shovel in her much dreaded veggies!

Only a face THIS cute can make mashed up, un-seasoned sweet peas look good!
I am sure you all remember Wesley's Christmas wish list - The $250 Polar Express train set. Well, we happened to be at Target the other day when we saw that it was on sale for get this, $90!! So, we got it. Thank goodness for Papaw (my dad) ... and left over Christmas money!! Once again Papaw has saved the day!

Wesley was the most excited I have EVER seen him! He LOVED his train and was more than happy to pose for several pictures!

Here it is, all set up, and what fun! I see why it was expensive, BUT it is NOT worth $250. I think it's worth probably a tad bit less than what we paid for it. It's a fun train to say the least. I really enjoy playing with it too! It came with characters from the movie to put on the train, plus a huge backdrop that matches a scene from the movie! From the picture it doesn't look like much, but it's a great train with much detail, and it has all kinds of sound effects!

She's always smiling!

Bath time in mommy's tub. Wesley loves taking a bath with Sophia, but he is not too keen on the low level of water required to keep Sophia from being under water. After she got out, he requested to have the tub filled - I don't blame him!

My princess all bundled up and ready to head out in the FREEZING cold temperatures!

Again, she's always smiling!

Check out those boots! We got those with Christmas money from my Aunt Marie. Gracias Tia Maria!

Look closely - you will see two little white nubs on her top gums. (Click the picture to make it bigger) Yep.. her teeth are coming in. She actually already has one on her bottom gums. (I couldn't get them to show up on the camera) She's growing up SOO fast!

My little stud all bundled up and ready to brave the low temps!

He too is always smiling. I'm such a lucky mom to have two happy kids!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick thought...

I am going to make a longer post with pictures later tonight, but I had to jot this down...

I have been running around getting some chores done tonight and wasn't getting much done with Sophia in my arms, so I put her in her swing for a couple of minutes... she cried and cried... then she finally stopped. Of course that made me worry, so I stuck my head out of my bedroom door to see if she was okay, and she was staring RIGHT at me, and as soon as she saw me duck my head back into my room, she started to scream, so of course, I picked her up and brought her with me.

Well, I was trying to pay some bills and she was grabbing at everything on the desk, so I set her down on the floor next to a pile of "to be filed" papers, and guess what, she's been there for about 15 minutes, and she is having a blast playing with all of the papers, and some artificial flowers she pulled out from the shelf.

What I don't get is why this stuff is SOOO amazing to her, but when I sit her down with all the toys she has - rattles, balls, dolls, musical toys, teethers, etc. she get's bored after about 5 seconds.

My kids amaze me everyday!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank goodness!

So today Wesley's fever got up to 103, and it was not coming down so I called his AMAZING doctor and she squeezed us in. She has so much love in her heart and always keeps Michael and I educated on everything we need to know. She's great at answering questions, and never makes us feel stupid for asking them.

Well, she saw Wesley and took his temperature, did a strep test, checked his ears, took some blood, etc. Everything came back good.

She said she he has a virus, but oddly enough, the only symptom is the fever. Honestly, I think that is probably the best virus to have!

When we got home I gave him another dose of Motrin, and finally, his fever has come down! He's acting totally normal now, so we got pretty lucky!

Now... onto the good stuff... pictures!! I have a lot to post - all the way back from December.

She's gets cuter and cuter EVERY DAY!

Our good friends Brooke (Sophia's NICU doctor) and James (Michael's friend from school) decided to tie the knot, and we were SO honored to be there on their special day! Michael was asked by James to be a witness. We were so happy to be there!

James getting excited to get married!

Brooke and James exchanging rings.

Here you can see the other witness, Dawn (Brooke's best friend - and now one of ours! She's a great person!) The "wedding party"

Here is Jame's mom with Sophia.
Onto New Years Eve! We had a small get together at our place. Stephan and Sarah came over, Jeff and Noelle (with their super cute daughter Rachel) and Emma and Jose (they left before I started taking pictures). Well, we all started playing the Wii (thanks Dad!!) and had a blast! Jeff and Noelle brought Guitar Hero and it was so much fun!

Here is Noelle rocking out on the drums!

Here you can see Stephan on guitar and Sarah on vocals.

A close up of Sarah singing. She's has a BEAUTIFUL voice, and got AMAZING scores on the game! We were so glad Sarah and Stephan came, we really enjoy hanging out with them, and need to do it more often. Oh, and of course, Wesley loves it when his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Stephan come over!

Here is Daniel playing Wii Fitness. I think in this shot he was skiing??
Here he is doing yoga.

I LOVE this picture! We were having some low cal/no sugar fudge pops I bought, and Michael was holding Sophia while he ate his, so I told him to go ahead and let her try some...

She liked it.. A LOT!

Now check this out - do you see the chocolate in her hair and the side of her face? That would be where Michael dropped a piece of the fudge pop on her head while he was holding her/eating it. (Click on it to enlarge it and get a good look at the chocolate in her hair!)

We had a GREAT holiday season between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! We are so excited to have a new fresh year before us. There are so many things we are looking forward to this year, now that Michael is done with school.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uh oh... not again!

Wesley's sick, again, but this time it's bad.

He can't eat, he's been shaking, and his average temperature has been 102. Michael is now on a late night run to the drug store for fever reducers and electrolyte drinks to try to get Wesley hydrated. (Michael is such an amazing father. It's 11 at night and we were already in our jammies, and he got up, got dressed, and rushed to the store, and even called me to make sure he got everything we needed. He's so loving and nurturing to our children. We are VERY blessed!)

Of course this means I will be up checking his temperature all night long, then have to get up early in the morning with Sophia. I am going to be exhausted, but hey, that's what us moms do, right?

I just know Sophia is going to catch it, and then I will, and of course Michael too.

It's times like this I wish my mom and dad were here so they could help out.

The next few days are going to be oh so much fun!

Well, I probably wont get to updating until this new virus passes. We hope everyone else is staying healthy!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I realized the other day that I neglected to share with everyone what Michael got me for Christmas!

I have to admit, he really did a great job this year!

He got me a Thermal Spa Bath Mat by Conair. What is this you ask? It's basically at mat that you put into the bath tub and it makes lots of relaxing bubbles (that are HEATED!) like a spa. I used it Christmas night, and I am HOOKED! You can put bubble bath in the tub (those of you who know me well know I am a HUGE bubble bath fan and love my bubble baths, salts, beads, etc.) Well, when you put bubble bath in and turn it on, it makes for the most wonderfully scented and relaxing time you will EVER experience.

Here's what the mat looks like :
This gives you an idea of how the air blows through the tiny holes on the mat to make the relaxing (and once again HEATED) bubbles.

No joke - this is what my tub looks like when I turn it on with bubble bath in it! (no this is not my bath tub - just a picture I found... I WISH this was my tub!)

So yes, Michael bought me the absolute best gift I have ever gotten, hands down. Now, I am sure every year at Christmas he will need to buy me a new one (with more bells and whistles as technology rolls along) as I am sure mine will be worn out in a year!