Friday, February 27, 2009



We love you and appreciate you so much!
Most of you know that I am VERY into girly-girl stuff. Hair, makeup, clothes, nails, etc.

Well, having a daughter has really brought out my love for that sort of stuff.

Last night I put her hair in curlers for first time. She has the most beautiful dark blonde hair. It's starting to get VERY thick in the back, but it's very straight, so I thought it would be fun to see if it could hold a curl, and if so, what it would look like.

Here is the result! Nice pretty curls! I took the curlers out before she went to be for the night so they wouldn't hurt her head.
These are the curls after she slept on them all night. They aren't as pretty as they were fresh out of the rollers (and having been slept on) BUT I still LOVE them, and knew I could make them look cute!

So check it out! How precious is that?

I have seen A LOT of baby/little girls, and I by far have the cutest one! I mean seriously, her eyes, her hair, her cute little cheeks! It just doesn't get any better than this folks! (Now I COULD be a bit biased on this... lol)
More photos later.... Wesley's getting a new hair cut...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not much has been going on... so onto pictures!

How CUTE is she in her bubble bath?!?
Look at those ears!! They are so cute! I love everything about this little girl!

Finally.. a picture of me and my baby.

Having fun getting her ready for bed :)

Okay - this picture gets a story. First - if you can't tell what it is... click on it to enlarge it and you will see it is a cherry tomato that has a crack in it.
Here's why-
The other day after church we were eating lunch together as a family. I sliced up avocado, cheese, and served cherry tomatoes. Wesley decided to dig his hand into the cherry tomato bowl, and I told him no. He kept digging and digging... and I kept saying, "NO NO NO!!!" finally I put my hand in on top of his to take it out... and we ended up wrestling with our hands. I finally was able to grab the cherry tomato from his hand. At this point I wasn't mad that he wanted more tomatoes, but I was upset that he didn't listen to me and take his hand out (it was COVERED in avocado and making a mess all over the tomatoes). By the time I got it from his hand I was so upset that I sat there fuming, and I finally just chucked in his direction. It hit him right on the for head. He was stunned, Michael was stunned... I was stunned! Wesley cried for a couple of seconds... then we all started to laugh. It didn't hurt him of course (as I WOULD NOT do something that I know would hurt him. I actually didn't intend for the tomato to hit him! I was aiming for the wall behind him.) Well, the tomato landed on his plate of all places, and we laughed some more. I took a picture to remember it, as it really was funny. Wesley still laughs about it. So I guess don't make me mad if I am near veggies??
Wesley enjoying his Valentines sucker


Look at that smile! She ate lasagna with us and LOVED it!
I have had request for pictures of the apartment, so here ya go! I finally got a frame for this picture (after 6 years of having it!) and I painted the little shelves to match, and I took plain white candles and dressed them up with some paper, cute phrases, and some fabric I have left over from some sewing projects.

Close up

Always nice to have a reminder of where our hearts and minds should really be.
Dining room
Kitchen (I LOVE my kitchen! The colors, the space, everything!)

Check out that cute wreath, so simple, but it really makes the perfect touch!
Close of up the wreath. I love how cheery it is!

Family room. The only thing I want to change in here is to get a really long (wide) black from with spots for about 20 pictures, and put it under the "FAMILY". Right now I am using a frame from a girlfriend. (Thanks Carlie!)

Dining room/kitchen view from the living room.
Just the dining room here
Living room

My mantle.. LOVE it!

That would be the media wall... duh! (I used my new drill (thanks Michael!!) to install door knobs on the TV stand so the kids can't get to our Wii! It came out GREAT!)

I made this candle to go next to the front door.

I painted the edges of this to give it an aged look. I love how it turned out. (It stands for Loesevitz if you couldn't figure that one out!)

I bought this coat rack/shelf at Michael's for a little over ten bucks. It was pine.. and I painted it to match my decor. I also hung it all by myself! I actually looked up online how to find a stud... and guess what.. I did it! It's actually not that hard! I used my drill (yay!) and that was that. I am getting pretty handy with my drill.. who knows what's next!
Front entry way.

Another view

My pantry :) I had someone ask me how big it is... now you know!
Kitchen again

I made this for my laundry room. I took an old shadow box that I wasn't using, some scrapbook paper I had, some old ribbon I saved, and typed up the phrase on my computer, and here you go! Some cute decor for my laundry room, and also a way to remember to stay cheering while washing nasty, spit up on, peed on, pooped on, body odor filled clothes! lol

I made another one with the definition of laundry on it. I made it the same way I made the one above. BUT I did hang them slightly crooked. (Thanks to my level from the dollar tree)

The laundry room.

There you have it! Pictures and some small stories!


I got these dresses today for Sophia and my neice, Taylor!

SOOO cute!

Monday, February 16, 2009

February has been a busy month for our family!

We celebrate Michael's birthday, the anniversary of my baptism, the anniversary of when Michael and I met, Valentine's Day, and then of course, our wedding anniversary!

So we will start with the beginning of the month.

Michael turned 28 and the day started with me making him breakfast in bed. Later that day I took him lunch at work, and for dinner we headed to Red Robin, his favorite place to eat!

Here we are on his birthday!

Happy Birthday hunny!

Now this picture is to show you how busy I get at times. The other day I was cleaning the house... and put Sophia's bottle in the cleaning cabinet. Nice, huh?

Onto Valentine's Day... Wesley got a BIG sucker from us, and heart pancakes!

I got spoiled for Valentines! Michael had a dozen beautiful roses and chocolate delivered to me. They are the prettiest flowers I have EVER gotten!

The vase came with it too... and it matches my decor perfectly!

For the kids I made mailboxes, so cupid can deliver their gifts in them!

I LOVE Sophia's! Pink pink pink!

Look at our baby girl.. she's sitting up... and so cute doing it!

She was having more fun with the wrapping paper than her Valentines gift!

For Valentine's night Michael and I went to a romantic dinner and went dancing! It was so much fun! Granted, we can't dance, but we sure had fun trying! We can't believe this is our 7th Valentine's Day together!

Here are Wesley and Sophia with their NEW babysitter, Samantha. Samantha did GREAT and from now on, will be the first person we call when we need a night out! The kids LOVED her, we got time alone, and she made money... so we ALL won!

Here are some pictures from dancing! This is Rich and Carlie. Probably the cutest couple I know (beside's Michael and I of course! haha)
I *think* they are doing the electric slide? (Am I right Carlie??)

Carlie and I. She is an amazing person, and in such a short amount of time, she has become one of my closest friends. I love ya girl!

Michael and I slow dancing. Poor Michael has to lean down because I am so short.
Click play and listen closley.. you can hear Sophia snoring!
And last but not least... Sophia is crawling!!! I will take video of it tonight and post it!!! She started crawling on 2-15!