Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've got cute pictures... yay!
Look at my little princess. She sleeps like her mama, that's for sure!
I always have her dressed so cute, and realized I have barely any pictures of her romping around in her diaper, so I decided to let her do just that! You have to LOVE that smile!

She's so cute, the minute I pull my camera out, she smiles as big as she can for me!

Excuse the messy bib (she had just eaten and I usually leave her bib on her for about an hour in case she drools/spits up, so it doesn't ruin her clothes).

While she was crawling around I noticed her little bum sticking out of her diaper and I HAD to take a picture. I just love her cute little bottom!

I will never be able to get enough pictures of her beautiful face.

I'll post my pictures of Wesley tomorrow. He deserves a post ALL about him!

We are going to Florida in a week and a half. I am excited for MANY reasons!

1. I get to see my best friend (I am always referring to my "best friend". I should clarify, I have two, RoseAnn (I've known her going on... 16 years now) who lives in Florida, and Janet (who I could not be sane without) who is in Georgia. I will be seeing RoseAnn when we go to Florida and then on Memorial Day Weekend we are going to GA to see Janet and her fam! What a great month! (Now you know who I am talking about when I say "best friend", it's either Janet or RoseAnn. There. haha)

Back to my reasons for being so excited to escape to Florida:

2. REST. Yes, REST. I have been SO out of it with this virus (I am pretty sure I am about 90% better now), that having Michael around 24/7 for a week to help with the kids sounds like a dream.

3. The beach. I plan to be there A LOT, soaking up the sun and relaxing.

4. Disney World. I can't wait to see Wesley react to The Magic Kingdom. He's going to have so much fun!

5. Being with my beautiful little family for a week, with no real worries, other than having fun.

6. I am REALLY looking forward to all the pictures we are going to take, especially at the beach. RoseAnn's boyfriend is pretty good with a camera, so I am planning (not sure he knows about this yet... lol) to have him take some family shots for me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still alive...

I know I haven't been posting a ton like I usually do (maybe this is a good thing?).

I have a funky virus called Epstein-Barr Virus. Yeah, it's funnnnnn. Basically I am just pretty tired most of the time, BUT I am not nearly bad as some of my friends with full blown Mono, so I AM counting my blessings, trust me.

I have had some VERY lovely ladies serve me and to them, I am VERY thankful. They fed my family when I was too tired to even THINK about cooking anything.

So... A huge hug and thank you to Brianna, Kathryn, Lacey, and Traci. You really have no idea how much your sweet service helped my little family!

As far as everything else goes, we are good. I do feel bad because I have not been taking ANY pictures. Tonight Sophia looked really cute in her jammies, and I thought, "hmm.. I should take a picture", but I just didn't have the energy to get off the sofa to get the camera.. yuck!

BUT I have promised myself I WILL get the camera the next time one of the kiddos is looking photo-worthy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zoo fun

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to put these pictures up from Saturday. We went to the zoo with the kids and had a BLAST! (I forgot my camera, so we had to use Michael's cell phone to take pictures, so they are not the best quality).

Wesley at the zoo playground
Sophia with her little hat... cute!

Wesley driving the bus in the "African Forest"

Friday, April 17, 2009

I edited this picture of the kids on Easter.

I have always wondered what Sophia would look like with my brown eyes and my brown hair...

Well... now I know! Everyone always says she looks just like Michael, BUT I think she looks like me! The reason people think she looks like Michael is because of her light eyes and her light hair - but look here... now with dark eyes/hair you can see she does in fact look like me!

Yes, she's cute with brown eyes and hair, BUT I think she's perfect just the way God made her!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's been 4 days since I had my wisdom teeth out and I am still not feeling all that great.

Since I have a lot of free time on my hands, I have been messing around with some pictures I have taken, trying to fix them up a bit with some new software Michael got me as a "get well" gift.

Here is the before picture of my niece Taylor. Take note of her hair, her dress at the bottom, her bangs, and the flowers/grass on her dress.

This is after I used my software to fix her hair, dress, etc.
Fun stuff!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This, That, and the Other

Yesterday I had all four of my wisdom teeth out. Right now I am VERY grateful for pain medication and my mother in law for watching the kids for me this week. I look like a chipmunk (as my cheeks are pretty swollen) and I am starving! I tried to eat, but it hurts to even try to eat jello - so I am sticking with water and nutrition drinks at this point.

Though I am VERY tired and don't feel good - I wanted to post pictures from the past week or so, and especially Easter.

Sophia has a lot of hair bows/bands. For a while I kept them in a little box, but it made it hard to get to, plus I forgot what all she had, so I made this:
I sewed some fabric I had into a piece of cardboard, I attached some cute ribbons I had. Here I made loops for the bows:

And here is where I put her little head bands. You just pull them from the center like you would a tissue from a box. This little contraption has made doing her hair SO much easier.
This is my St. Patrick's Day Welcome Wreath for my front door. I just turned it around and painted these flowers and the word "Spring" on it. So now I have TWO wreaths for the price of one!
Most of you know I am really obsessed with my house being clean - and my carpets are no exception. I made this when we moved in, and it has been on my front door ever since! It may seem weird, but I bet you my carpets are cleaner that yours :-) haha
I just re-did some stuff on top of my coat rack by the front door. I like it better this way.
I had a blank wall by my front door and thought an old box I had would look cute there. So, I hung the lid on top, and the actual box below, and put some old silk flowers I had laying around inside.
Look who's pulling herself up on things!

We had some friends over for dinner last Friday, and Sophia LOVED it! She loves her Auntie Carlie (Wesley has decided that our friends Carlie and Rich are now his Aunt and Uncle... too cute!).
Sophia loved playing with her little friend Maele (I hope I spelled that right). Maele is a daughter of our good friends Brandon and Stacie. (Wesley LOVES playing with their son Calob - and they actually play together SO well!)
Little Miss Sophia
This is her new look. I have no clue what it means, but of course it's cute.
Here she is crying at the bathroom door because Wesley is inside taking a bath, and she wasn't included. She kept trying to stick her fingers under the door. It was so cute!
Time to color Easter Eggs!
The Easter Bunny got this for Sophia's Basket. (I have ALWAYS dreamed of someday playing tea party with my own daughter! The "Easter Bunny" aka me - did a good job!)
This is Wesley's Basket. I.. wait, "the Easter Bunny" got it at a discount store out here called "DEALS". It was 5 bucks, and then my friend Stacie put the kids names on them. Now they will have the same cute basket every year and have it to keep when they are all grown up!
Click to enlarge and see how great the names came out!
We woke up to see the eggs we color all over the house! Can YOU find them?

Before we hunted for the eggs, we noticed that the Easter Bunny left our balcony door open when he left! Of course Wesley ran out to see if maybe, just maybe he left the Easter Baskets outside... and he did!
In Wesley's basket he got a cool new outfit (white shirt, red plaid shorts, and matching red baseball flip flops), gumball machine, map coloring book (he's WAY into maps right now), Yahtzee for Kids, Noah and Moses play figurines (you gotta love the Dollar Tree!), chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and a stretchy bunny.
Wesley was SO happy Easter Morning! He was SO excited for the eggs and goodies in his basket, but most importantly, he knew WHY we celebrate Easter, and he said a prayer expressing how grateful he is for Jesus!
Sophia was really having fun getting into her basket! She got her tea set (it's for ages 6-36 months, it teaches ABC's, Counting, saying "please and thank you", and it makes a pouring sound when you tip it! She also got a Mary (mother of Jesus) play toy, a cute stretchy bunny, some purple fairy wings to match her purple tutu, and of course her awesome basket. I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my Grandma Laura, as she funded EVERYTHING the kids got for Easter! (She sent a check so I.. wait.. the Easter Bunny could pick out some great stuff for the kids.) So thank you Gram! I love you so much for loving my kids!
Half asleep
Hm.. there's that "look" again.
Wesley was loving finding all the eggs!
Every time I took a picture he would say REALLY loud, "HAPPY EASTER!"

The kids before we headed down to Michael's parents for church and dinner.
For Easter I picked out matching dressed for Sophia and my niece (Michael's sister Sabrina's daughter) Taylor. I had a TON of fun taking pictures of the kids outside!

Here is Taylor.
The two prettiest girls in the world
I DID NOT PLAN this picture! I was taking a close up of Sophia and RIGHT when I snapped it, the dog moved in and kissed her! YUCK! BUT it's cute.
Candid - I love it!
Her pig tails are goofy looking because she had just woken up from a nap, but I thought it was cute, so I left them alone.
Isn't the dress beautiful? I LOVE the color!
These two have a lot of fun being together. They are going to be best friends.

The 3 grandkids. All in BLUE. This is probably one of my favorite pictures!
Wesley and Taylor.

Look at them!!!!
They really do have a lot of fun playing together. Wesley is going to end up being a big brother to Sophia AND Taylor!
Running in the grass.

Look at her pretty smile!

Brother and sister.
This is the cutest picture of the two of them. It's how they really are. Wesley doing his own thing while Sophia sits close by, and tries to cuddle with him!
Wesley loves to play with her hair (only when it's done of course, and I tell him to stop so he doesn't mess it up!)

So that's all.

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I am SO grateful for Jesus Christ and the example he left for all of us to be good and do good.