Monday, August 30, 2010

After dropping Wesley off at school this morning, I decided to get my room a little better organized. Sophia disappeared for a bit while I was in my room, and it was VERY quiet. Sophia is usually really good at keeping herself out of trouble, so I thought nothing of it... until I went into the living room to discover this:

Sophia found my powder makeup compact and tweezers and decided it would be fun to scoop the make up out and onto the chair in the living room. When I asked her if she did it, she told me no. I then pointed to this:

She really didn't have much of an argument, so she confessed and apologized. THIS is exactly why I wanted a new leather sofa and chair set. All it took was the vacuum and some baby wipes, and the chair is squeaky clean with no damage.

I didn't get upset with her at all. I actually had to try my hardest not to laugh in front of her. I find it so funny that she left such amazing forensic evidence behind, because who knows, if I hadn't had her finger prints, maybe I would of thought it was the dog? Hehe ;-)

It is cute and funny things like this that make me LOVE being a mom!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's official... my little Wesley is in Kindergarten! So far he really likes it! Here is his first day in pictures:

A silly breakfast he requested
He was having a hard time waking up
There's his smile!
Sophia was having fun with all the special things going on that morning
Dressed and ready to roll...

I still can't believe my baby is in school. They day was a bit sad for me, as I really missed having him home. I hope I will adjust soon! Sophia cries in the morning when we drop him off - today she cried, "MOMMY! Don't leave Wesley!" It was so sweet.

We love you Wesley!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We had a beautiful Sabbath Day. Church was amazing, came home to spend time with new friends, then dinner with the missionaries.

Below are pictures of the kids, and video of Wesley riding his bike with NO training wheels, and Sophia driving her car!

Sophia.. she's so cute!

Michael reading scriptures to the kids
Elder Mackie giving Sophia a push. The kids LOVE Elder Mackie and Grant, they call them Uncle Mackie and Uncle Grant, it's so cute!
Elder Grant
Elder Mackie
Silly boys!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair Cut

Wesley starts school next week... I just cannot believe it! How did MY baby get so big?!?

Well... he was in major need of a haircut, and we Loesevitz's really like to save money, so I do all the hair cuts (excluding mine - no one touches my hair but my hair dresser... hehe).

So, here is Wesley's back to school "do" -


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wesley's Room - Part II

Today Michael and I have been married for 7 1/2 years... time flies when you are IN LOVE!

On another note - Today was another fun day for the kids and myself. I decided it would be fun to put the kiddos into the bike trailer and go for a ride! I rode my bike with the kids in the trailer around town for about an hour or so. Today's ride was filled with lots of pretty white butterflies fluttering around. What a pretty site!

When we got home we decided to head to the craft store, Michael's to get some fun projects to work on.

After coloring with the kids for a bit, I got the idea to redo Wesley's room. I posted pictures before... but the room just didn't "flow" well for me. He didn't have a lot of room to play with the bed being in the middle of the room. Not too mention his closet was a MESS from him "cleaning" his room, which really means, shoving everything into the closet and shutting the door.

So I ended up working in his room for about 4 hours and managed to get all of his furniture in the perfect spot, the toys organized, and his clothes and shoes set up nice and neat.

Here's the "redo" -

Having an organized closet is one of THE BEST feelings in the world!
Looking into his room from the doorway.
This is his door. He is very much into castles, knights, kings, etc., so we got this cute castle for 99 cents at Michael's. The CTR Club House sign is from his Oma.
My little man all tucked into his bed tonight. This is the view of the room standing near the closet.

For Christmas 2009 he got a train table from Santa. The cool thing about it is that the train set can be tucked away under the table in a huge toy box, and you can use the surface for other play. Well, he set up his castle and plays what he calls, "medieval times". He's such a creative little guy.
My little man!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

We had such a fun day as a family! First we all slept in (who doesn't love that!?) then we headed to the Farmers Market and enjoyed fresh baked cookies from a local bakery and had fun walking around and seeing all the neat things! Crafts, veggies, pottery, etc. So much fun!

Later today we went out on our first family bike ride! Michael was in front, then Wesley, and I was in the back with Sophia in her little trailer that is attached to my bike. We had a lot of fun! We rode about 3 miles... and wow... what beautiful sites! First we saw a Pocket Gopher, then we saw a HUGE turtle just hanging out in the grass! It was so cute. We also enjoyed riding past a cute pond with some locals fishing, and then a beautiful golf course. So far, life up here in the boonies is proving to be VERY family friendly!

When we got home tonight we had a nice family dinner then we busted out the Band Hero for our Wii. Wow! We had some serious fun. Sophia was singing, Michael was on guitar, and Wesley was burning up the drums. I took lots of pictures - and they are to follow a few others!

Here is Wesley's new room!

My handsome boy!

I took these today (8-14-10) while Sophia and I were playing in her room together!

(That green color is her curtains)

Sophia on the mic.. singing Spice Girls! (She does know the words, and yes, she does sing them)

Wesley - go on with ya' bad self!

We should start a family band! ;-)

Seriously, how cute is that!?

Michael was getting into it... lol

After the kids were bathed and everyone was done having fun, I enjoyed rocking Sophia to sleep in the rocking chair in her room. I could have sat there holding her all night, just staring at her sweet face.
It's days like today that I wish I could bottle and keep forever! Today, our family made some special memories :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So we are officially on YouTube! I said I would never do it, but it makes sharing videos of the kids with are family ALL across the WORLD, so much easier!

My first video is pretty boring/cheesy. It's basically me talking to Sophia and trying to get her to say hi to my mother in law, all the while she is eating a banana... but it's still cute!

Check it out :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thought I would post some pictures for all those who don't keep up on facebook :-)

Knott's Berry Farm
Knotts Berry Farm