Friday, March 25, 2011


Wesley wanted to sing as well... he did a great job! I have some amazing kids if I do say so myself!

Ward Talent Show

For our ward talent show Sophia wanted to dress up like she was in a pageant and sing a song. She did such a great job!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another post... within 24 hours!?! Wow... what a treat! Haha!

So... as I said before things have been a bit bumpy for me... but I am doing much better, and one of the reasons I am feeling so much better is because of my new friend, Brandie.

We met a few weeks ago at craft night at our church. We chatted a bit and found that we have some things in common. Well, then she called me a couple of days later and we set up a game night at my house.

Her hubby Jebb and her came over and we had SO much fun!

Now, we have pretty much been inseparable since.

She is such an amazing person. She came over two days in a row and helped me with housework, played with my kids, and made me smile. She truly cares about me and my family.

A couple of nights ago she came over and then a couple of hours later her hubby, Jebb joined us. Wow, we laughed so much. Our husbands were looking at us like we were a tad bit on the crazy side.

Here are some pictures from our fun night.

Us three girls. Sophia wasn't being too cooperative, but at least she is in the picture
Me crafting... look how excited I am to get my picture taken!
The guys hanging out in our living room. Jebb is in blue to the far right, Uncle Joe is on the sofa, and Michael and Wesley and hanging out in our big chair. They were watching basketball... you know... guy stuff!

It really was such a fun night!

Later on I will post pictures of the crafts Brandie and I did! This summer we are going to sell them at the farmers market and make some cash... to going shopping together of course!

Brandie - thank you for EVERYTHING. You are an amazing friend. Love you

Monday, March 21, 2011

My beauty queen!

Okay, I am finally making a REAL post!

So... our ward talent show is this coming Friday... and Sophia wanted to dress up like a little girl in a pageant and sing a song.

Tonight we got her a dress and I did a test run with her hair. I did a little bit of makeup on her, but will definitely do more on the night of the talent show.

She loved getting her hair curled, putting on her dress, and getting her makeup done. She is SO girly!

She is such a beauty! Oh how I love my little girl!

Test run on the hair

No, she is not crying in this picture, it's her eyeshadow, gold shimmer

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life has been a bit bumpy for me the past couple of months.

What have I gotten out of this trial? The knowledge that I have amazing friends who care about me and I can depend on.

Big hugs and love to Yalu, Brandie, Katie, and Valarie.