Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened

It feels like just a few short blog post ago I was posting pictures of Wesley's first day of school.

Is the school year REALLY over? Is Wesley REALLY a first grader now? Yes and yes.

What can I say about Kindergarten... it was an amazing experience for Wesley, and for Michael and I as parents.

Wesley was blessed with such a special teacher, Mrs. Sand. She has taught Wesley so much beyond what a teacher is required. She taught him patience, love, compassion, discipline, and how to smile even more than he did before.

I am going to miss seeing her smiling face each day as she opened the classroom door. I always loved listening to the class sing the days goodbye song before leaving.

I have to admit, I cried.. a lot. Why? Well, I just can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast.

As the children left the classroom for the last time... they walked through a MAGIC door... that once they passed through turned them into 1st graders. Here is Wesley...

Wesley and Mrs. Sand. I'm so glad to have gotten this picture!

I took some pictures of the classroom. I want Wesley to remember everything about Kindergarten!

The cabinet where he hung his coat, backpack, etc.

The children's mail cubbies. Oh how sad to see them empty and without name labels!

The reading corner

What a year it has been!

For now... we plan on enjoying our summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alright... so... I am guilty of loving animals. I just can't help myself!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a pocket gopher in our backyard. I went out to investigate... and found his little home! I decided it would be fun to put some dandelions and bread near his home and see if he would eat it. Well, he did!

We named him "Teddy". He's adorable, but we only adore him from afar.

I am sure when I start my own garden and these little critters start helping themselves I probably wont love them so much, but until then... here are some pictures!

Now onto baseball!

Wesley is such a great player. He loves the game and really gives it his all. His team and coaches call him Wes. It sounds so grown up, BUT, he likes it.

Onto pics...

I kept calling his name from across the field... I think I may have embarrassed him a bit. I don't know why, I only took like, 30 pictures, jumped up and down when it was his turn, and yelled for him when he did great. Why would that be embarrassing?


Up to bat

Outfield.. getting ready to get that ball!

Wesley or should I say, "Wes" is going to have one busy summer. He is on a team that meets on Tuesday evenings, and now we are signing him up for another baseball team through the city that meets twice a week in the mornings. What can I say... this kid LOVES baseball!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've lost 26 pounds..... woohoo!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two posts in two days!?! Wow... I'm on a ROLL!

At church I am the Activity Day's Leader. I get to plan and carryout activities for the girls ages 8, 9, 10, and 11. It is so much fun!

Well, last night I organized "Moms Spa Night". The mothers of the girls got to come with them and get pampered. They had their hands massaged and nails painted by their daughters, while enjoying good music, decorations, and of course... food!

I have pictures below... but before I post them... I of course had to post this adorable picture of Sophia that I took this morning.

Look at my girl! This picture alone makes me realize how blessed I am!

Onto the Spa Night Pics -

The buffet side of the "spa". Michael, myself, and my friend Brandie were at the church very late setting this up. It turned out better than I planned!
I spent most of the day Wednesday preparing the snacks. Finger sandwiches, sliced bananas, chocolate, cake, sparkling cider, veggies and dip, and of course... cheese, meat, and fruit on toothpicks. The girls insisted I make those... they informed me it wouldn't be a party without them.
The spa side of the room. Mom was on one side, daughter on the other.
Food again.... mmm...

I have oodles of pics. with the girls and their moms, but I'm not posting here... I am not sure if all of the moms would want them posted :-)

I really enjoyed myself last night. I LOVE bringing a smile to other's faces... and last night was FULL of smiles!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baseball and other things

Wesley and I LOVE playing the Wii game called Animal Crossing City Folk. It is so much fun! You do a lot of fishing in this game... and it can be VERY difficult at times... so when Wesley caught this Hammerhead Shark, we HAD to take a picture! Silly, yes, but fun... and making memories.

Showing of his catch
Wesley's first baseball practice. He is the smallest and youngest in the entire league, but it's because he is just THAT good!

Sophia was all ready to watch and cheer her big brother on!

First up at bat

Ready to swing.....
Throwing... he's got a knack for throwing and pitching!

Wesley is such a talented little boy. He is MLB bound for sure! ;-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We have been outside A LOT enjoying this amazing weather! Actually, we have been outside EVERY DAY after school until dinner time, then after dinner and baths we go back outside (yes, in jammies) until bed time.

Am I crazy to let the kids play outside after baths, yes, but hey, it's too nice outside to stay couped up inside!

Wesley enjoying a game of catch with Michael (yep, Wesley is sporting his new Mario Jammies!)
Wesley can pitch like a pro!
Cheesin' it for the camera
Rue is loving the weather as well
Sophia LOVES to walk on her tippy-toes.

The other day I walked into the kitchen to discover Sophia having a picnic with her animals.

We have also enjoyed going down to the river to walk around and look at all the beautiful things growing.

So yes, we have been busy playing outside a lot!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life is too busy....


I am taking a break from all of the stuff that can be so distracting... texting, Facebook, etc.

I am going to focus on my FAMILY!

I of course will still be updating my blog :-)

Peace out world of technology!