Thursday, August 25, 2011


On the 15th of August I had the pleasure (not really) of having hernia surgery.

Here is it, TEN days later and I still feel awful.

On the bright side - I am grateful for amazing medical insurance and good doctors!

I can't lift anything (like Sophia or big baskets of laundry, etc) for 6 weeks! I don't mind not picking up huge baskets of laundry, but not being able to pick Sophia up is really starting to get to me! She's being so patient and kind to her dear old mama.

Wesley's been a great help too - opening heavy doors for me, running into another room to bring something to me... what a little gentleman!

So though I'm not feeling well, I see how blessed I am to have such great kids!

1st Grade!

Wesley is officially a first grader!

He's such a smart little boy - and we couldn't be more proud!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am behind on my posts - again!

Life's been super busy.

Right now I am recovering from surgery and my mom is here helping me out around the house and with the kids.

More pictures/stories later!