Friday, October 7, 2011


Wow, I am BEHIND on blog updates!

I finally got pictures of from the wedding. I also put three videos from the wedding up as well!

I will put pictures up from my Mom Loesevitz's visit here, later tonight!

Enjoy :-)


Chris wanted to do a test run the day before the wedding with the "feeding of the cake" tradition.

(You can hear RoseAnn repeating "if you get cake up my nose I'm gonna punch you in your face" over and over again, lol!)

RoseAnn Singing

RoseAnn singing a song for Chris at the wedding. This girl has got an amazing voice!

Cupid Shuffle

My trip to Florida

I had the opportunity to spend Thursday-Monday in Cocoa Beach Florida. I had the honor of being my best friend RoseAnn's Matron of Honor at her wedding.

RoseAnn and I have been friends for 17 years! We grew up together. We took bubble baths together as kids, told each other about our first kisses, cried over boys together, played Barbies, went on vacations together, and so many other things.

We have had our ups and downs as all friends do, but what has held us together is our love for one another. RoseAnn isn't my friend, she's my sister.

She's always been there for me when I have needed her, and I for her.

About the groom - Chris...

I couldn't have handmade a better match for her. He loves her and treats her like the princess she is. She is his baby doll.

RoseAnn and Chris, I love you both!

Enough of the mushy stuff and onto pictures!

The day before the wedding - grabbing some breakfast before heading to the reception hall to set up and decorate!
I told them to give me the "Oh crap I'm getting married tomorrow" look... LOVE IT!
This is the view from my hotel. I am literally standing on the grounds of my hotel. Yes, I was on the beach. I got to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, picking shells, and listening to the waves. Amazing!

Mike... (RoseAnn's step dad) is one of the greatest guys I know (well, besides my dad of course!). He's always treated me like a daughter. I love him so much because he makes me LAUGH!

Jeri, RoseAnn's Mom. She is like a mom to me as well. She has always loved me, looked out for me. Here she is steaming the wedding dress for the big day!

RoseAnn and Nana. Again, Nana is family to me. She spoiled RoseAnn and I rotten when we were kids!

The reception hall. BEAUTIFUL! We (RoseAnn, Chris, Chris's mom, sister, Tia (RoseAnn's Aunt), Mike, Troy, Chud, Aunt Jo, Nana, Patty, and myself) decorated everything you see here. It was so fun!

Best friends!

The single most amazing wedding planner who ever walked the earth, Patty. On the day of the wedding she treated everyone in the wedding party like royalty. She's a special lady!

RoseAnn singing some tunes while her hubby rocks out on the guitar.

Rehearsal Dinner at Fish Lips! The woman to the left is Tia (RoseAnn's Aunt). She too had known me for 17 years. We have had some fun times, that for sure. I can't count how many times she hugged me and cried (making me cry) and told me how much she loved me and that I am just as much her niece as RoseAnn. Have I mentioned that RoseAnn has an AMAZING family!?

Day of wedding after Danielle (RoseAnn's friend - and now mine) did my hair. I did my own makeup.
Lincoln, he performed the ceremony

Katy, Chris' sister being silly

Jeri and I before the wedding

RoseAnn showing her Cuban roots, dancing some Salsa with her dad!

Mother & Son Dance. Maryellen (Chris's mom) was so sweet. RoseAnn sure is blessed to have her for a mother in law.

Chud giving his speech.

Chris' Uncle and his nephew Vincent

Dance time!

Cupid Shuffle (the girl in the black dress was one of the bridesmaids. She is Danielle who did our hair!) By the way, the dresses Rose picked for us were beautiful!

Maryellen gettin' her dance on!

Chris taking the garder off...

Rose and Mike dancing together

The newly weds!

RoseAnn's father, Victor and her stepdad, Mike

This is where the ceremony was