Monday, August 27, 2012

Nothing too exciting...

Just some pictures of the garden as the season is starting to come to an end.

Here is one of our two baby watermelons... hurry up and grow!!!

My beautiful apple tree. It makes me smile!

They are *just* about ready to be picked! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer is coming to an end (thank goodness, I'm ready for fall and a bit of change).

Life's been slow and laid back around here the past few weeks, and I am okay with that. When Wesley starts school, things will pick up and start getting busy again.

Sophia starts ballet AND tap, Wesley is going to take an all boys hip hop class, basketball, hockey, etc. etc.

So for now, I will enjoy the laid-back-ness of life!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer in Kentucky

There are going to be a LOT of pictures, so be prepared! Now, they are not in order, so bare with me!

Our trip to KY was quick, but fun. We got to enjoy time with family, friends, and most of all, with each other!

Wesley is lined up and ready to go at our old wards (my in laws current ward) pioneer day celebration sack race!

Wesley came in first place!

Thomas, Allison, myself, Rhett (my friend Maggies son), Michael, and Mom relaxing and having fun on pioneer day!

Sophia's turn for the sack race!

Tug of war - we tried, but we lost... 

Michael, Wesley, and Uncle Thomas heading out to a Louisville Bats game!

My niece Taylor with Wesley and Sophia!

 Cousins - these girls are best friends... I'm so glad they are close in age and love each other so much :-)

Before mine and Chris' brother sister date. We had a lot of fun.

Chris pushing the kids on the tire sweet in the back yard.

 All of us with Taylor.

More tire swing fun!

The kids got to go visit Aunt Beanie in her classroom, and Taylor was done with school, so she got to spend time with the kids too!

Sophia is always the one making goofy faces - she is JUST like me! She's so silly!

Before church, holding Oma's scriptures

Wesley building his Lego Garbage Truck from Grandpa Arthur

See, I told you she is just like me - skip the bread and just eat the chocolate!

Chris got me with whipped cream, that's okay though, I got him back, with mustard!

 Aunt Beanie putting some lip gloss on Sophia's lips

Michael and Sabrina

It was a bit hot in the sun, but Chris toughed it out and played with Sophia

 Now it's Taylor's turn to put some makeup on Sophia!

 Our journey to KY begins... with Sophia being silly... this girl is always making these faces... like mama!

I am in love with this smile - there are no words for the happiness this little boy brings to my life!

Again with the silly faces! Geesh!

I am happy to report that most of the trip, the kids did NOT fight, but, the one time they did, I caught it on camera... look at her face as he makes farting sounds with his arm... lol!

Swimming the the whirlpool before we left our hotel to finish the last day of driving to KY

Sophia saying hi to her cousin Julia...

Sophia cuddling with her Oma

The kids can't get enough of their Oma... they sure love her!

Taylor and Sophia jumping outside on the trampoline!

It's always MY daughter with these faces! lol!!!

Lets go swimming!

Best friends :-)

Michael and Thomas playing Bo Jackson Baseball...

Love this picture! Brotherly love!

My little man has always got his nose in a book!

More relaxing while playing on the computer

Wesley and Sophia both taking a picture with their cousin (she will be make her debut in the fall) Julia.

One of my best friends, Anastasia came to visit for the day, and the kids LOVED her son, Chris. He pushed them on the tire swing for a bit!

Best friends!

I wanted a picture with my mom, but the first one came out with me having about 20 chins, so she helped me out with a chin lift in the next photo!

It was nice to have some down time with Michael.

Anastasia's son, Chris, with Sophia. She kept calling him her new friend, and she wouldn't leave him alone, but he was a great sport about it.

My little man conquered a fear, and learned how to swim this summer! I'm so proud. Here he is jumping off the diving board into the deep end, all alone, with no floaties!

Swimming to the side of the pool. Good job Auss! I love you!

So, to sum up our trip, we laughed, ate, shopped, napped, laughed some more, ate some more, and just had a great time!

Until next year KY, good bye :-)