Friday, September 28, 2012


I have a long list of projects of things to make, paint, etc. I got Sophia's bag done, and I was looking forward to starting another project.

I decided to repaint the mirror in our room that's at my vanity. I've had the mirror for 9 years, and the gold just didn't match our room (or my taste anymore). So, I bought the same paint I used for our dresser handles and a picture frame in our room. Now, it all matches and ties in together so well.

Today I also replaced the lock (all by myself!) on our sliding glass door. It wasn't working. We had to use a safety device to keep it locked at night, and while it works great, I still wanted a working lock... so off to Lowe's I went (man, I can get myself into trouble at Lowes... I could spend a ton of money!). I got all the hardware, crossed my fingers, and off to work I went. 

I am happy to report that the lock works! It's in nice a sturdy (thanks to my electric drill, yes, it's mine, not Michael's... I love doing handy work around our home). 

The next project on my to do list was to install new blinds in our master bathroom, but that proved to be tricky, so one of our good friends is going to tackle that for me today.

Mirror before - I taped off the edges and used wax paper for the rest of it, it worked like a charm!

During... yes, I painted it on my deck. We are power washing the deck and repainting soon, so I really didn't care if I got paint on it.

After... I love how it turned out. I need to get batteries in my good camera and take a picture of the entire room so you can see how beautifully it all ties in together. This picture doesn't do it justice. It looks like hammered's amazing!

In other news, we got to enjoy the company of our friend Emily and her 18 month old cutie of a daughter Brooke for the last two nights. Her hubby was out of town and they wanted some company. I really enjoyed myself! It was nice to have a friend around the house to chat with and get opinions about projects :-)

Now the weekend is here, and it's going to be very warm... so, it's our last chance to take down the pool and get everything ready for winter. Yes, we prepare for winter early up here in these parts.

The weather is beautiful. This fall has been a great. one. It's my favorite time of year, by far. I love having the windows open, fresh air coming in, the smell of my cinnamon or pumpkin candle burning, the crispness of the air, and the the beautiful bright colors the leaves are turning.

Life is good :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dance tote

Sophia is currently in her second year of ballet, first year of tap, and about to start hip hop (don't worry folks, this is all per her request and she only has two classes a week). With three classes, there is a lot of different shoes, leotards, etc. to tote around. I noticed a lot of the little girls in her class have totes, very girly totes, and it makes sense to have a tote. So... I decided to make one, without a pattern. I have had this fabric for a while (um, Sophia was 6 months when I bought it)... and this is what I came up with. It's not perfect, but she loves it, and it will get the job done.

I am still going to embellish it by adding some ballet slippers and her name to it. Again, it's by no means perfect, but she's so very happy with it, so, I'm happy!

It needs to be ironed and starched.

My little model!

Lovin' her dance tote! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I had my first encounter with Once Upon a Child yesterday (see previous post) and today I cleaned out the kids closets and ran down there to see what I could get for them. I got a pretty good offer and accepted, and decided to do a trade, because if you do a trade you don't have to pay sales tax.

Here are the corkscrew bows I traded for. They are brand new and SO cute! They are very big, and look so adorable on my baby girl! (The pictures are fuzzy, I took them with my iPad)

Sophia's bow holder my Mom bought for her when we moved out here. I tied ribbons on it and clip the bows on. It's not fancy, but I love it :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012


My Princess Sophia needed some fall/winter clothes. Wesley is all set, as we bought his clothes with the whole, "back to school" shopping.

Now, as Sophia is not in school yet, it kinda makes is hard to decide when to go shopping. Well, I got the idea to hit up some thrift stores (including Once Upon a Child), and all the clothes you are about to see below, EVERYTHING, totaled $46.35. We got 3 winter church dresses, 6 pairs of pants (one pair was brand new, and free!), 9 shirts, (two of which were also brand new, and FREE!)! I have to say, I think I did pretty well... everything is so cute, just like my perfect little Sophia :-) Oh! I also got a Halloween Stories CD for the car for the kiddos when we drive around and do our shopping, that was part of the total as well!

Winter dress

Winter Dress... this thing is SO cute on her!

Blurry picture (I took these with my iPad) but this thing is sooo cute! It cost me $1.50

These are the two new shirts and new pants that I got for free (I seriously didn't pay a penny for them) with coupons at a local stores grand opening!

The whole lot - the total also included two little treats for myself, a ceramic turkey for a tea lite candle for Thanksgiving time, and a little Easter House that lights up (made from ceramic as well) for Easter time.So all the clothes, plus the CD and two ceramic treats for myself for under $50!

5 pairs of pants, all from Once Upon a Child

Two cute shirts, actually, three, but by accident covered one up, it's on the left under the cupcake shirt.

Another $1.50 item from Goodwill 

My favorite of all the dresses! It's so thick and warm! 

Old Navy Shirt, perfect condition, $1 !!!

Adidas shirt, $1.50 !!

I am now addicted to thrift shore hunting! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I will be 30 in less than a month...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Germany Package... ARRIVED!

My mom returned from Germany and quickly mailed off a package to us full of German Chocolate, cooking spices and mixes, paints (for the kids), toys, stuffed animals, and best of all, CLOTHES! This is a traditional lederhosen for Wesley and a Dirndl (sounds like Den-Dill) for Sophia. They are going to be Hansel and Gretel for Halloween, but they will wear these outfits for more than one occasion, as these are authentic, and not flimsy costumes.

Wesley's outfit is made from real leather. Sophia's dress, well, I've never seen anything of such high quality in clothing before.

Wesley plans on wearing his clothes to church, to school, and of course, on Halloween. He's not worried about being made fun of. He is full of confidence and honestly could care less if someone doesn't like what he's wearing! 

Sophia plans to wear her dress to church, Wesley's baptism, Halloween, and Christmas. I worry they will wear these things out!

They also received BEAUTIFUL wool jackets from my mom as well. She spoiled us, as Oma's always do!

I think one thing that is extra special is she found a set of children's paint at Opa Schusts house that hadn't been opened, and was back from when her mother, Oma Schust was well, before her stroke. My mom chose to give those paints to Wesley and Sophia, as they LOVE to paint. To see them painting with those paints, knowing Oma had once picked them out for her grandchildren, well, it makes me smile. I am sure she is in heaven smiling down on her great grandchildren as they paint with the paint she once held.

Thanks mom, for everything. No one could have a better mom or Oma! We love you!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The end of the season for gardening...

Some may say that we still have more time, but we got our first frost, and for me, that means it's time to gather up what we've got left growing in the garden, and call ourselves lucky if anything else grows for us to pick!

This year, we had great amounts of :

- Strawberries
- Green Beans
- Cilantro
- Squash
- Watermelon
- Rhubarb
- Chives
- Peppers

The tomatoes I picked were still green, so tonight I will fry up some fried green maters' for the fam.

We had a great time this year gardening, and have learned A LOT. We will do things very differently and hopefully have a better outcome!

Here is out last harvest. Apples on the left, two teeny-tiny watermelons on the top, green beans to the right, and green tomatoes on the bottom right.

We planted them WAY to late in the season, but WOW! For being so small, they are sweet, and have the amazing summer smell of watermelon! My Grandpa Joaquin would have loved these, that's for sure!

One of her favorite things to eat, watermelon!

September 14, 2000

That's the day and year my sweet Little Rue, AKA, Rue, Rooster, Rooty Tooty, etc. was born. I got him on January 1st, 2001, and he was the tiniest little thing you could imagine! He has brought so much joy, love, and protection to our home. I love him dearly and Thank God for blessing me with him in our lives.

Our tradition is to give him pancakes, they don't make him sick, and he LOVES them!

Sophia did the honors!

He didn't waste anytime gobbling those pancakes up!

Happy 12th Birthday, my sweet Rue!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First fall bake!

Last night my amazing friend Chelsey and Linny came over and we decided to make an apple crisp (two actually) with the apples from our apple tree!

What to do with all of these apples?

That's about 4 cups of apples... they were SOOOO sweet!

I peeled, Chels sliced!

Notice the flour on our faces... it wouldn't baking without a little flour fight!

Best friends, no matter how far apart we live, our how long we go without seeing each other - just like sisters <3 p="p">

 Happy FaLL everyone!!!

(PS, I only got a small taste (Weight Watchers) and it was SOOOOOOO good!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

No pictures to post this time, just a quick catch up of life.

So, after having 2 hernia repair surgeries (one last fall and one January of 2012) I gained a few pounds back from my big loss with Weight Watchers. I am SO happy to report I am back on Weight Watchers and have lost 4.3 pounds in 8 days :-)

I forgot how good it feels to be active and eat healthier. I was so afraid for so long so be active, as I had pain in the area where my surgery was. Finally, after NINE LONG MONTHS, I don't have any pain, so I can dance around, do my workouts (minus sit ups or crunches, I'm too afraid that will cause pain), and get back to reaching my goal.

In other news, Wesley is all about these things right now :

- Baseball - watching, playing, looking at his cards, Michael's old cards, talking about it, and playing with his little baseball figurines.
- School! He LOVES to learn and is always happy to go to school.
- Reading. We can't get this boy to put a book down! Right now he's been reading baseball books, the history of Babe Ruth, etc. He just loves it!
- Mario Brothers. Toys, clothes, backpacks, room decor, Wii games, old games, anything Mario, and he is all about it!
- His baptism! He will be baptized this fall and the little guy couldn't be more excited. He's already read ALL of the scriptures, Old, New Testament, BoM, and D&C (they were all the children's version, and now he has moved on to the adult versions). He is so ready for baptism at such a young age. He's more knowledgeable than I was at the age of 19 when I was baptized. Wow, it's been ten years for me, time flies!

Sophia is all about :

- Ballet, ballet, ballet, dancing, more dancing, and more dancing! She starts her classes tomorrow for "2nd Year Students" and will be doing tap as well. Her class is an extra 15 minutes this year, as she is older and they feel they can handle more time dancing.

- Singing! Oh my word, this girl sings, yodels, sings more, makes up her own songs, uses her microphone set from Oma to fill the house with her beautiful little voice, and she is often on the computer on iTunes playing different songs and singing along.

- Messy. Yes, she's messy. VERY MESSY. We call her room, tornado ally. It's that bad. We are working on getting her to be neater - each day I take away a couple of more toys until she can get the clue of how to keep things in order. I think all the toys she has are overwhelming, so for now, she's got her Disney Princess dolls in her room, her doll house, and her music thing (microphone set, child's cd player, etc.). It's a work in progress, but we will get there.

I will post pictures when I get a chance. I take too many pictures. Michael jokes that I am JUST like his mom, I take pictures like I'm a tourist... lol... but I'm fine with that, being like Michael's mom is an honor!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo shoot with Sophia

Sophia had so much fun taking pictures this morning with Wesley, we decided to take a few more while we waited for him to get home from school!

My favorite

and.... he's off!

Well, it;s official, Wesley is in second grade! We dropped him off this morning, and it was a special experience.

Last night Michael gave Wesley a father's blessing, and The Spirit was so strong as he blessed Wesley for the upcoming school year. What a blessing to have the priesthood in our home!

Onto pictures... 

Wesley's classroom... and Wesley, just hanging out at his desk before class starts!

His backpack goes in his locker, how cute is that!?!

The name label on his locker :-)

Sleepy head... he had a bit of a hard time getting up for school this morning, though he got plenty of sleep!

Yummy special breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, sparkling cider, and of course, bacon, and whipped cream for the pancakes!


My handsome little man

His two favorite things are baseball and all things Mario Brothers!

Sophia wanted to get in on the action!

Standing in front of his locker

Ready to go!

Our traditional family picture... Sophia was being stubborn and didn't want to be in it.

Wesley, we love you, and wish you good luck and many blessings this school year!