Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deck the halls!

Tonight we put up our tree and decorated it as well as the house. The kids had a blast. We listened to Christmas Music, enjoyed eggnog, and just had an all around great time together.

My silly little elves!

Sophia putting an ornament on the tree!

She was so excited to put this glittery heart on the tree. She exclaimed, "OH IT'S BEAUTIFUL"! when she saw it.

Putting the star on the top of the tree.

Finished product.. it looks so pretty!

The other side of the living room where our stockings are.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving!(and a few pictures from Wesley's baptism)

My niece Julia in the cute onesie a bought her :-)

Oma and Sophia

Playing baseball after Thanksgiving dinner

Cuddling with Julia
Uncle Cody and Thomas (Julia's daddy)

Aunt Sabrina with Julia

Uncle Daniel and Wesley hanging out together.

More baseball!

Mom, her three daughters and Julia

The 3 Loesevitz grand daughters

Not just cousins, but best friends as well!

Four generations (at Wesley's baptism)

 Thomas and Michael paying Nintendo

Uncle Michael and Julia

Chris playing piano at the baptism

The boys playing Just Dance on the Wii

Wesley and Julia

Celebrating the baptism

Daddy and Julia, in the blanket I made her :-)

Sophia looking too cute in her shower cap!

Oma and all four of her grandchildren - look at Sophia clinging to Julia, she just LOVED her!

Making Thanksgiving pies

More cuddle time with Julia... I couldn't get enough of her!

Family picture

More baseball

Family at the baptism!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 posts in 1!

Our first snowfall!

Wesley's birthday

Family comes to visit for Wesley's baptism...

Wesley with 96 year old great grandma Laura

Wesley and Mamaw

Sophia with mamaw and papaw. It was so cute, when my parents got here... they kids ran out the front door, and ran to the car... the next thing I see is my dad coming around the car with Wesley in his arms! Wesley missed my dad so much, it was so heartwarming to see him with the kids! He played shopping with Sophia, spoiled her with toys, clothes, and even spoiled me a bit too! 

Sophia with Grandma Laura - playing together.... such precious and special pictures.

Giving hugs and kisses goodbye for the day.

Sophia insisted on sleeping in Wesley's bed with Oma, so she did! They were cuddled up and sleeping like babies!

The big day! I have to tell you, watching my son be baptized was so spiritually uplifting. I could have watched it over and over and over and over again. It was so amazing and special!

Me with my parents. My dad was emotional all day long, as was I.

The Morton Family

Wesley with his Mamaw and Papaw

This picture I will treasure forever... four generations. 

Wesley was being goofy in the background, but this is a sweet picture of me and my gram.

The whole family

Lunch at the Olive Garden

Me and my hunny

My little brother (who's taller than me) Chris. 

Mom... hm... what looks good?

My dad was being silly with me....

 so was she....

and even grandma!

Saying goodbye :(

My dad loves his grandchildren so much. Sophia wanted my dad to carry her the first night we went to dinner. No one would do, but my dad. He kept saying, "my granddaughter this, my granddaughter that", it was soooo cute to see how much he loves his grandchildren and how well he interacts and plays with them!

Three of my favorite ladies in one picture!

So life has been super crazy lately, and it hasn't slowed down a bit, BUT every moment of it has been great! I am so grateful to have the family that I have. My husband, my kids, all of my parents, my siblings, my nieces... it's just such a blessing to have them all in my life.

So Wesley is 8, baptized, my parents visited for it and so did Michael's.

It's been a weekend I will NEVER forget!