Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post part 2

These pictures are completely out of order! There are pictures from winter, spring, and this summer! Here we go....

Sophia's Birthday cake, she turned 5!

 We had a brutal winter!

Back to our trip out west, our room at the Marriott, it was AMAZING!

Visitors Center St. George

View of the St. George Temple from my grandmas hospital room

The boys swimming at the hotel after a long HOT day!

Sophia and I at Disneyland, fighting to save planet earth!

Out to dinner with Mamaw and Papaw!

St George Temple - it's such an amazing feeling knowing my ancestors help build this and attended it!

Hotel room at the Marriott, awesome room!

Salt Lake Temple (we visited on our drive back home) again, so amazing to know my family built this and frequented it!

 Sophia's Birthday table and presents!

This is back from spring when Michael's parents visited us. Sophia LOVES her Oma!

Some pictures of the house as we have moved things around a bit :-)

Look at how COLD it got here!!!

Me and my little brother Chris - twins!!! 

Most of you know, but for those of you who don't - I had lap band surgery (look it up if you don't know about it) and have lost 41.1 pounds since February 18th. I LOVE working out now, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I also love eating healthy. Gone are the days or craving junk... now I crave greek yogurt! Here I am during one of my workouts!

The newest member of our family - Wilbur! He's a rex rabbit and will be between 7-10 pounds. We love him SO much! He is the best bunny ever!

Pool was set up in May and ready to go!

We moved things around in our bedroom, we are much happier with the new layout!

Yep, burned 1009 calories in one workout!

I LOVE how it feels to work out! I do it six days a week!

Living room

My princess and her braids!

Wilbur loves to sprawl all over me and relax. He is seriously a HUGE part of our family now!

Back to vacation - Mamaw and her babies!

Awesome bow my sister Allison made for Sophia's birthday - it's the cutest bow ever!

Wilbur when he was just a tiny little guy!

Menu board I made (thank you pinterest!)

More weather

Baby girl in her bed

More birthday pictures!

Anniversary gift I made Michael for year number 10! It heart cut outs of each of the places we have had major milestones take place in our marriage :-)

My dad bought me this WARM coat, and trust me, I used it A LOT!

Drive home from visiting family (I told you these pictures were out of order)!

Wesley's room

Michael loves Wilbur too!

Father's Day dinner in St. George. It was the first one I spent with my dad in 11 years! We made a fun little buffet style meal at our hotel and enjoyed good food and being together!

More of our room (wow, REALLY out of order!)

Gram and Wesley

Chris and I this spring.

More Marriott hotel pictures. 

Oma and her girl!

Sophia's bathing suits for this year!

I love face timing with my little brother!

We love our Rue - he is VERY patient with the kids!

Our room

Michael's 32 birthday!

Sophia's 5th Birthday, June 22

My beautiful tree!

My two sweet girls!

Shots of the kitchen since we changed things a bit

Our new Monopoly Game, it's so fun with the iPad, I highly recommend it!

We love Duck Dynasty!

Driving out West

Our room

Girl time!

Last picture of our 2010 Ford Fusion - we bought a BRAND NEW Chevy Equinox and love it!

 Michael and my Gram

This little girl LOVES her Papaw! She insists on holding his hand, sitting with him, and being by his side whenever he is near!

Brand new baby Wilbur

The dentist!

Salt Lake Temple

More of our room at the Marriott

Family picture with Gram

My dad with this kids and I!

Father and daughter, such a special bond.


Sophia's birthday, opening presents from Aunt Wren!

Best friends!

She asked me to do her hair and makeup everyday I was there, so I did :-)

More birthday...


My favorite picture of my dad and I!

St George, Brigham Young's Winter Home

The most beautiful sunlit sky I have ever seen! I'm so glad I took a picture!


Idaho Falls Temple 

More hotel...

Grandfather and his only grandson, and namesake! The two Wes'!

Hotel room...

Salt Lake Visitors Center

New SUV! It's amazing! I can remote control it with an app from my phone!

Cuddling :-)

My before and after pictures to date - I have more weight to lose, but I am so happy to be doing it! It's been the best lifestyle change ever!

Wilbur as a baby and now - no he's not "fat", he's going to be a BIG bunny!

Hope the pictures weren't too confusing! I will stay up to date from now on!